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By collect3 (David Fumberger)

The newest way to enjoy news, messages, tweets and comments; delivered to your screen as a beautifully rendered up-to-the-second display of social content.

"Even the dullest tweets become emotionally-charged works of art." -- Gizmodo.com

Instead of spending hours scouring the web, simply 'turn on the Spout' sit back and enjoy a steady stream of information specifically meant for you! Relax as a veritable flood of news, messages, tweets and comments pour forth from your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds.

Words spill onto your device, swirling, twisting, and scrolling across your screen, pooling in the centre momentarily, like a leaf on a pond, before being whisked away as new social messages pour in. Then, poke the surface and a built-in web browser takes you up-stream to the source, without leaving the tranquil and hypnotic Spout app.

Clean, crisp, and fresh, Spout will satisfy anyone with a thirst for the best in passive social reading experiences.

▶ 9 Unique Themes.
▶ Support for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and even your own custom text !
▶ View fullscreen or in a resizable window.
▶ Full support for Lion including native fullscreen mode.
▶ Many other customisable options.

▶ See a video of Spout in action at http://goo.gl/8JNlN

▶ Spout is also available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch !

"Even the dullest tweets become emotionally-charged works of art." -- Gizmodo.com

"Spout is a viewing window into social life for the typography lover." -- Razorianfly.com

"Spout is certainly one of the most unique ways to read updates I’ve seen." - 148apps.com

Release Notes

24/08/2013 | Version : 1.2 | Size : 25.1 MB
- Adds support for Instagram.
- Fixes Twitter issues.
- Removes support for Google Reader.

Version : 1.1 | Size : 33.5 MB
- Adds enhanced graphics for high resolution monitors.
- New Theme! Globe - See on the globe where your tweets originate from (Where location information is available).


Categories :
#23 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Social Networking]
#35 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Social Networking]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Entertainment , Social Networking

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Spout

Would be great (1.2)
09/02/2014 21:53:00 3/5 By Kodonnell09
but it refuses to connect to my facebook account!

Does what it says… mostly. (1.2)
12/11/2013 17:14:00 3/5 By MaxromUK
I think people may be missing the point of this app. I have it working fullscreen, on a second display that happens to be a TV on a wall. It’s good for simply cycling through your feeds, and at a glance, let’s me see what’s going on. It’s a real shame that RSS support is not included, but being able to show tweets by user is a good alternative (just use @BBCNews for example). Does exactly what I needed. If you’re looking for more features, go elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a nice, unattended way of viewing live information from various providers, then this is a good option. On the downside, it does seem a little unstable at times, and will frequently crash if left for a period of time. That’s a bit disappointing to be honest, and I hope an update will be provided soon to correct that. When it does, it’ll get 4 stars from me, or 5 if RSS support is added.

Not impressed (1.2)
14/10/2013 00:47:00 1/5 By Eyebeams2
In the text version for mac OSX you can't cut and paste test - so that is really not very good is it? It doesn't read the twitter of facebook streams I have or the search terms or anything. Apparently it works great in iOS - I'm asking for a refund - the desktop version is seriously flawed and should not be allowed to be sold.

Great (1.1)
25/05/2013 10:15:00 4/5 By Lomac333
Very good but I think it could update the feeds more often so I am not circling the same 10 or so and me having to close the app and launch it again… Overall definately purchase it especialy if you are sitting at your computer with iTunes playing, and being controled by flutter, with spout on full screen and a cup of tea in you hand.

4/5 Star. (1.1)
18/07/2012 00:49:00 4/5 By CallMeToy
The animation off the text as it is displayed on the screen is fantastic, could sit and watch it all day. However I assumed that it would have a wallpaper / screensaver function built in because off how visually amazing the app actually is. Unfortunately it does not have this feature, if this app did have a button or an added on menu were you could use it as a wallpaper / screensaver. It would be phenominal. Overall, yes I would recommend getting this app. Its great to have open if your away from your Mac. It definitly was worth the money and maybe some time in the future, it will have an added on wallpaper / screensaver function. (With an added on wallpaper / screensaver function = 5 Star. As for just now ; A very well deserved 4 Stars)

Wow (1.1)
18/09/2011 23:17:00 5/5 By Johnny GB
Fantastic app, visually striking. Please add a screensaver mode and this will be perfect!

Brilliant….. (1.0.1)
18/08/2011 20:23:00 1/5 By skate7129008
If i wanted an app that doesn't work i would of coded this myself! Was extremely excited, because i wanted a nice GUI that would display all my Facebook and Twitter updates… downloaded it, opened it… didn't even get past the 'Welcome To' whatever the hell i was being welcomed to!

Crashes on dual screens full screen (1.0.1)
18/08/2011 13:22:00 3/5 By RemoteDeveloper
Though visually impressive and a genuinely novel way of displaying feeds from Twitter etc, it does however crash if you put it in full screen mode when you have dual monitors. Shame really.

Good Stuff! (1.0.1)
18/08/2011 01:40:00 5/5 By Mick Draycott
This App has been fixed and now I see what all the fuss is about. It's a great way to view your feeds. It still makes me a bit dizzy at times but it gets the message across in an unusual and interesting way. I gave it a medium rating after the first release but they fixed it really quickly and now I can highly recommend this App. Good stuff!

All show but not much use (1.0.1)
17/08/2011 23:21:00 3/5 By CymraegAce
I think its a cute little app, this very badly needs to be ported into a screensaver and then it will be awesome. At the moment it dosen't really pose much use other then for a little fun.

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