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Surgeon Simulator 2013

By Bossa Studios Ltd
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

20/11/2013 | Version : 1.164 | Size : 388.9 MB
The "Codename : Trisha" Update Crack the ARG to unlock more secrets. All operations now playable in space. Bug fixes.

27/07/2013 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 349.7 MB


Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a darkly humorous over-the-top operation sim game where players become Nigel Burke, a would be surgeon taking life into his own shaky hands, performing life-saving surgical manoeuvres on passive patients.

The original prototype – developed in just 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam in January – challenged players to complete a heart transplant, armed only with an arsenal of clumsy and inappropriate tools and a hand that was diabolically to control, using a combination of keyboard and mouse actions.

The full version comes with additional features, operations and environments. From carrying out terrifying transplants in theatre – to surgical procedures in the back of an ambulance - Surgeon Simulator 2013 now takes operating to the next level.

●New full game based on the internet sensation 48hr prototype
●Brand new features including the fiendishly difficult ambulance mode
●More operations including double kidney transplant and brain transplant
●Tonnes of Easter eggs to discover
●New visuals and a pumping new soundtrack


Categories :
#94 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Games]

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Comments and Ratings for Surgeon Simulator 2013

Absolutely Brilliant, although missing key updates (1.164)
15/01/2015 11:12:00 4/5 By Battlebear
Awesome game, absolutely hilarious and very challenging! However, we need the updates that everyone else is getting (steam etc)!!!

Amazing (1.164)
31/12/2014 18:29:00 5/5 By Mistergames
This is a fun game for many who enjoy surgery just to let you know this is not realistic but you can still do great things on it if you like performing surgery then i would purchase this app and get it i know some others have found this rubbish but in my oppinion it is incredibal the missions are hard but you can also go to area 51 to perform surgery on an alien sorry about no punctuation but i had to rush. thankyou

doesnt work (1.164)
04/09/2014 17:37:00 1/5 By bo099033
i enjoy the game very much but a soon as i complete the first level the timer freezes and the game just stays like that and makes you have to force quit to leave it. Fix this and i may consider changing my review

love it (1.164)
29/01/2014 00:31:00 5/5 By Jaimie :D
I love this game, played the demo to death. People who rate poorly clearly dont know the game very well. Cant stop playing, best purchase I’ve made on the App Store.

Do not buy (1.164)
18/01/2014 11:56:00 1/5 By Ari99
This game is so stupid, it doesn’t work, a complete waste of money!

Please don’t buy this app (1.164)
27/11/2013 14:07:00 1/5 By Gaogaojuhs
I cant believe I did not read the reviews before I brought this game. I brought it because I used play this on my iPad, and it was lots fun. But it can’t work for iMac! Trust me, you can not even control the bloody hand to do a hand job! and they ask you to give a surgeon without any tips. you will never pass the first level! Dont buy this!!!!! Even there was a discount!

Update (1.0)
06/10/2013 11:04:00 5/5 By Big_bumbou1
Its an amazing game but it needs to update otherwise everyone will buy it on steam and also i cant get passed the heart transplant in space it just freezesmmy computer. i really want to do the other space missions. great game though

amazing (1.0)
29/09/2013 18:24:00 5/5 By bo099033
if anyone hates this game that is becouse they are rubbish well worth the money

Buy this game (1.0)
15/09/2013 23:32:00 4/5 By Azzy99
After reading the reviews about this game, the people that wrote the reviews must be used to playing a game that holds your hand all the way and tells you exactly what to with no real challange. This game is a good game because its challenging you aren't told what to do all the time and if you mess up you start again not just start at the nearest checkpoint. Apart from a few bugs that I imagine will be fixed with some updates this game is well worth the money, the graphics are great and it's fun. In conclusion I would recomend this game.

Please do not buy (1.0)
15/09/2013 10:16:00 1/5 By Clive Whyte
Firstly the controls are imposible to use and compleating the first operation is impossible and you end up droping the tool into the body and are unable to remove it killing the patient. There are no in-game hints to show you how to perform the operation. Finaly I found that the game started to crash during some operations but not all. And to top it all of you have to pay £6.99 for it which is such a waste of money as there are many better games out there on the app store

Excellent (1.0)
07/09/2013 18:51:00 5/5 By 5lado
This game is by far one of the best ourchases I have made since I have had my macbook air. The game runs smoothly and perfectly with no glitching involved. I dont get it why other people are saying it is terrible as it is truly not. Me and my friends love playing this game together and gives us a great laugh! maybe the people below need to learn how to actually control the hand as it really isnt that hard, i mean i use a trackpad and find it effortless. Definitely worth buying, great game Bossa Studios! keep it up

After such a hype it in the description it was a huge let down. (1.0)
09/08/2013 00:25:00 1/5 By demi74a
Wish I'd never bought it. The actions are almost impossible to control fluidly, whether using a mouse or just a mousepad, making the game literally unplayable. The concept behind it is great, but the designers have obviously paid big money to get it up the Charts in the AppStore. Massively disappointed.

Dont let the pretty pictures fool you! (1.0)
05/08/2013 16:15:00 1/5 By Bristols best
I can't believe this cost me £7! There really needs to be a demo system in place on this store as this is a classic example of a terrible purchase.

Do Not Buy (1.0)
05/08/2013 06:42:00 1/5 By Ace21lankie
This game is the biggest waste of money.

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