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Swift Publisher 4

By Belight Software, ltd
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

17/02/2016 | Version : 4.0.4 | Size : 205.9 MB
• Image search in the Internet has been fixed - it is launched in the Web browser.
• New image quality setting added to PDF export setting: 72 DPI (Screen).
• Fixed scrolling in the Masks panel under El Capitan.
• Barcodes based on data from text files or counters generate correctly.
• Images inserted into the document from the Source panel are now centered properly.
• Dynamic Fields now export to PDF correctly with the “Convert text to curves” option enabled.
• The Copy/Paste commands now work for Dynamic Fields inside text boxes.
• Other minor fixes and improvements.

25/11/2015 | Version : 4.0.3 | Size : 205.2 MB
• Increased performance when working with multi-page documents containing large texts.
• Page Numbers and other dynamic fields update correctly on Master Pages.
• Fixed crashes when adding and editing QR code.
• Corrected the problem with a wrong page order in the booklet printing mode.
• Fixed a number of issues with opening and saving documents.

13/10/2015 | Version : 4.0.1 | Size : 205.1 MB
● Multiple improvements in the Pages Preview panel.
● Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 Maverics.
● Over 30 new templates.
● Other minor fixes.


macOS Sierra compatible

“Full-featured desktop publishing for next to nothing” - MacWorld 2015 (4.5 out of 5 Mice)

Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app for designing and printing fliers, newsletters, brochures, calendars, letterheads, booklets, and much more.
What's New in Version 4

• El Capitan style look.
• 1,000 additional clipart images.
• 70 new design templates.
• Dynamic text fields.
• Industry-standard barcodes.
• Circle text tool.
• The new Photos app supported.
• Export to PNG added.
• Set page range for PDF export.
• Exchange documents between your Mac computers thanks to iCloud Drive support.
and more.

Key Features

• Choose from over 300 pre-designed templates
• Use master pages to quickly create uniform pages for any project
• Set up a grid and place your own guides
• Achieve complex designs by designing on an unlimited number of layers
• Create columns with text that flows from one text box to another
• Configure text styles for a document and apply them with one click of the mouse
• Apply linear and radial gradients, draw freehand shapes, apply strokes, and more
• Choose pictures from a library of over 2,000 clipart images
• Import photos directly from iPhoto and Aperture for use in your design
• Edit photos and apply Core Image filters using the built-in image editor
• Apply one of over 100 image masks to any picture
• Add a calendar and edit both the appearance and format
• Save documents to iCloud and access them on your other Macs
• Set up bleeds and DPI
• Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF to send it to a print shop
• Print multi-page booklets at home while the app takes care of page order for you

Page Layout
• Customizable rulers that can be shown and hidden
• Generate a grid with just a few clicks of the mouse
• Place your own guides on the canvas to help with aligning objects
• Smart guides help when aligning design elements relative to one another
• Flow text from column to column using flowing text boxes
• Create multiple pages and navigate them all within the same document
• Design and print multi-page booklets right at home
• Design on multiple layers to achieve complex designs while keeping the canvas uncluttered

Text and Formatting
• Spread one text out over multiple columns with flowing text boxes
• Change the alignment, font, size, color, character and line spacing, and more
• Wrap text around pictures or other objects
• Insert a table into any document
• Set up text styles and apply them with just one click of the mouse
• Create vertical text
• Use the free Art Text plugin to design stylized titles for your document
• Apply shadows to text

Design Tools
• Draw rectangles, squares, and freehand shapes with the drawing tools
• Edit design elements together with the grouping feature
• Apply both linear and radial gradients
• Add a shadow and stroke to any design element
• Import photos directly from iPhoto and Aperture for use in your design
• Edit photos and apply Core Image filters using the built-in image editor
• Apply one of over 100 image masks to any picture
• Customize the included Smart Shapes and use them as frames for your images
• Insert images in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, EPS, and other formats
• Crop, rotate, and resize images
• Tint, tile, and control the transparency of pictures

Print and Export
• Print multi-page booklets at home while the app takes care of page order for you
• Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF and send it to a print shop
• Define bleeds and set up DPI
• Convert text to curves at export to avoid problems with missing fonts

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Productivity , Graphics & Design

Comments and Ratings for Swift Publisher 4

One to own! (4.0.4)
16/01/2017 10:33:00 5/5 By Mama Yusuf
It’s well worth the money. A great app, and very intuitive. It also comes with an excellent video manual, which simplifies its usage even more. I wish other publishers would do the same - they ought to.

Brilliant software well updated (4.0.4)
08/06/2016 15:22:00 5/5 By Littlehampton Chich
I’ve just bought a new iMac and updated my Belight Software (including the Swift Publisher) and consider it money well spent. There are a couple of minor niggles such as Publisher not recognising Art Text 3 from within the package (you have to load Art Text 3 separately and then copy to clipboard and paste into the Publisher. Having said that, the software itself is exceptional in it’s quality for the price. The flow of text around objects is vastly improved over version 3 and I find, creating my documents, so very easy (try doing Desk Top Publishing in Pages or Word and you’ll soon see the difference). Well worth the money (especially the update prices - excellent). And do buy the extra graphics package, £7.99 for a mass of pix to incorporate into your package.

Bernard (4.0.4)
17/05/2016 17:37:00 5/5 By Bwbleeds
I used Serif PagePlus succesfully for years on a PC, but moving to Mac found Pages well specified but difficult to produce multi-page newsletters, hence Swift Publisher, which I quickly adapted to. It is stable, intuitive, has a good range of features and is really easy to use with excellent results. I am moderately computer savvy, but by no means a professional!

Swift Publisher 4 (4.0.4)
09/05/2016 10:58:00 5/5 By Ylanfagfx
I have tried many design programs on Windows and Mac machines, this one does seem to be the easiest to use, it gives you the results you require very quickly, very intuitive to use

PJW Hill Designs (4.0.4)
25/04/2016 11:08:00 4/5 By grafxking
I am truly impressed by this package. As a designer I use many different kinds of graphic software to reach my intended target and this one is quite amazing. The price of Publisher is very little comparing with other packages, I also use Adobe but this one is in a different league in terms of cost. Of course InDesign ranks higher with many variations and packaging of the final art for print. But Publisher nearly does the same and for many on a tight budget it covers most eventualities for a fraction of the outlay. Well done Publisher and Belight Software for introducing a graphics package that suits the pocket and produces the goods.

Inexpensive and efficient DTP (4.0.4)
05/04/2016 18:12:00 5/5 By Amateur DTP user
I have used this programme for the last couple of years and find it easy to use. I publish a local magazine of 24 pages and find that the text flow is great. One can easily modify graphics etc. All round a better applications than the latest Pages.

Easy to learn and manage app (4.0.4)
20/03/2016 20:58:00 4/5 By angharad the elf
If you are looking for a design app that will let you quickly get to the point that you can produce your booklet or card or project, this is excellent. After 15 minutes I was able to start working with it confidently. It has however, limitations, as you will be quickly discovering if you worked before with professional dtp software. But then, please be realistic, what did you expect for such a good price?

Very capable DTP Package but one irritating problem (4.0.3)
13/01/2016 13:31:00 4/5 By Dirk072
Very capable DTP package easy and intuitive to use with very quick and effective email support provided by the publisher. I have created some great projects on previous versions of Swift Publisher but as a long term user it is extremely irritating that projects made on previous versions will not load into Ver 4. I know upgrading with extra functionality is useful but not at the expense of file incompatibility. Please build in upwards compatibiity or offer a separate file converter as Swift Publisher files are a unique format that cannot be read by any other software. But for this problem I would have rated this product as 5 star.

Useful for Small Tasks (0)
14/11/2015 20:07:00 4/5 By Jason Pitt
Not a bad little DTP package. Whilst it lacks the functionality of the mainstream alternatives it is only a small fraction of their price. It’s well suited for quickly knocking out small projects. I have had a few crashes (MBP 2013 15”, El Capitan), hopefully whatever is causing these will be ironed out in the near future.

Awful Update (4.0.1) BUT SEE POSTSCRIPT RE V4.0.3 (0)
30/10/2015 14:05:00 3/5 By Fatherpie
Awful Update (4.0.1) should have stuck to v3 Money & Time Wasted Slow, sluggish and downright irritating. V3 was brilliant so I was very excited by an update. Worse thing I ever did especially as files are not backward compatible. Get above a handful of pages and entering and editing text is slow, painfully slow. I never had this issue with v3, why oh why did I upgrade as I’m now stuck with v4 for the two current projects and will have to start another two from scratchin v3 to avoid even more irritation. Another major issue is saving an ongoing project. Each time I open a file v4 wants to save it as a new untitled version - annoying or what! Customer Support assured me that 4.0.1 would solve the sluggish performance but no such luck. Once my two current projects are complete I will remove v4 and go back to v3 (if I can!!). A total waste of money. Caveat Emptor. Postscript V4.0.3 came out a few days ago and as it couldn’t possibly be worse than the previous incarnation I installed the update. It’s early days but fingers crossed they’ve seemingly addressed the issues I mentioned above (and also a few I didn’t bother to mention). I used it this morning without feeling the need to smash the screen and it does seem to be running better. Full marks for (hopefully) addressing the issues - just a shame they didn't communicate with customers as they must have known the original update was a total dog. My faith has been somewhat restored and I wanted to be balanced and even handed hence this postscript.

Swift Publisher 4 (0)
30/10/2015 09:14:00 5/5 By md1948
What the iMac, Macbooks were designed for, D T P made easy. limited only by your own imagination, first class software.

Swift Publisher 4 (0)
18/10/2015 09:57:00 5/5 By Humphreyyg
When I moved to Mac some years ago, Swift Publisher seemed to be the only reasonably priced DTP program available. It was rather basic then but over the years it has been transformed into an easy to use and highly capable program. I use it frequently for simple printing of any image (or images) - just drop it on the page, position it, size it, crop it if necessary and print. Far easier than, say, Photoshop for printing. Professional journals get scanned and the images dropped onto pages in Swift Publisher and then output as pdf files. Heavier tasks like creating the local community plan ready for commercial printing are just as straightforward. The program has always been stable and never crashed. Great to use and great value - highly recommended.

Almost InDesign for a fraction of the price (4.0.1)
01/10/2015 17:49:00 5/5 By OldRustyNail
I’ve used various professional desktop layout programmes inn the past, beginning with Quark and ending with inDesign. However. several OS upgrades ago my InDesign version became obsolete and since then I’ve been following the market but as I no longer had any job need for a layout programme, I’ve seen no reason to get something to replace it. However, a few weeks ago I was asked to take over our local community newsletter, and I quickly realised that I needed something better than Pages. So after a quick check around, I opted for Swift Publisher 4. The more I used it, I discover loads of great features, making it almost as good as those pro programmes. I haven’t yet watched all the instruction videos for it or read the manual, and I’m sure I’ll learn more when I do.

Swift Publisher 4 (4.0.1)
14/09/2015 14:17:00 4/5 By vintageEd
It is an excellent programme for producing a small car club magazine – enough features to do all I need as an editor, but without the excessive features that complicate the larger more expensive ones, and which are so hard to learn and often seem to have minds of their own. The new features in V4 make it even better than V3 which was easy to live with in its own right. I now look forward to starting on the next edition of my club magazine – with pleasure, not dread!

What a great simple page layout programme (4.0)
28/08/2015 19:33:00 5/5 By Al in Cumbria
I have used each version of Swift Publisher and must say version 4 is an excellent upgrade. Also well worth the half price offer on App Store!! I particularly use it for creating booklets for our Charity and its so easy to do. The actual programme works out pagination ( page order layout) and then all you do is say print as booklet and the programme and printer does the rest…. Perfect!!. It works on both Inkjet and Colour Laser printers. One of the new features of version 4 is CIRCULAR TEXT…. So easy to use and it will have many uses for what we do. The company responded within minutes of my asking a question which is nice in itself ( Thanks so much Andrew… 10 out of 10 for support). I asked whether text could be reversed to show as UPRIGHT from bottom up… Yes he said there is a “trick”. Hold cursor on top corner of circle text anchor and drag across and through the diagonal side. The text then automatically reverses the other way up… Wonderful. I wholeheartedly would endorse this package to anybody as it is so easy to use… especially the 40,000 pieces of additional artwork for insertion and the NEW link to Apple Photos ( so easy to do)

Upgraded within seconds of release without hesitation ! (4.0)
26/08/2015 09:20:00 5/5 By artpixx
Having used Swift Publisher for quite a few years now, when i moved to OS X, i can honestly say this has to be the easiest to use layout & design app availible on OS X & best of it all It wont break the bank. no hesitation UPGRADED within minutes of release the best DTP app just got better…….

From this dev.


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By Belight Software, ltd
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