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Swing it

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By Golfig AB (FKE Datakonsult AB)

Swing it is a golf video analysis tool.

Use Swing it to compare swing videos side-by-side, or on top of each other. Draw graphics to analyze how the golfer has set-up or any movement. Set key-points and analyze the tempo / rhythm. Import slow-motion videos and see what's really happening in the golf swing.

Highlights include
* Import movies from disk
* Trim movies

* Unlimited number of movies displayed simultaneously (restricted by screen size and CPU)
* Video windows can be made semi-transparent so it's easier to compare swings
* Playback at any speed
* Play/step/scrub all movies simultaneously
* Slow-motion movies handled

* Drawing tools include line, circle, rectangle, angle, plane, text
* Draw objects permanently (entire movie) or temporary (only a few frames)
* Crop video

* Set up to 10 key positions in the swing
* Quickly jump to the 10 key positions to compare swings / videos
* Tempo / rhythm information

Release Notes

02/11/2013 | Version : 1.0.26 | Size : 15.2 MB
* A new scroller in bottom of moviewindow
* Recognition of more high-spped movies
* Fixed Play all movie from keyboard
* Default directory for Open panel works
* Fixed a crash when mailing files from the Drop box
* Fixed a problem with temporary drawings not being shown when a movie window was closed
* The state of the panels are saved when the app quits
* An image cannot have fps

Version : 1.0.21 | Size : 13.1 MB
* Fixed a bug where the movie window could be drawn in.


Categories :
#5 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Sports]
#141 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Sports]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX



Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Swing it

Decent Swing view and excelent support (1.0.5)
04/03/2011 15:04:00 5/5 By ParHunter
I normally view my swings on my iPhone, there are several programmes available for it, however you can't really use the drawing features on an iPhone. Thats why I decided to try out Swing it, to view it on my MacBook and do some drawings. I must say it has a good list of features for that price. What made me write this review is the support you get. I found a few bugs in the 1.0.4 version and mailed the developer with my bug reports. He responded very fast and managed to fix the bugs in no time (hence we already have 1.0.5).

Finally a Golf Analysis tool for MAC (1.0.0)
14/01/2011 20:22:00 5/5 By akaMartini
If youre a keen golfer you will love this. Very easy to use and a good price! The support is good as well. I had a few questions after downloading it so emailed the developer (at 6pm btw). Suprisingly he emailed me right back and we went back and forth for an hour. I now love this software, it does everything I want and I'm sure it will help me perfect my swing. Great Job ...

From this dev.

Swing it Viewer
Swing it Viewer

Price : Free
Platform : Mac OS
By Golfig AB
Swing it Pro
Swing it Pro

Price : £149.99
Platform : Mac OS
By Golfig AB

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