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Tempomate Lite

By Rene Lasseron
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

07/02/2017 | Version : 3.1 | Size : 42.4 MB
- You can now choose between several click sounds.
- Accented notes are better audible.
- More detailed help, check it out from Help menu.
- New key: O cycles between click sounds.
- New key: P cycles between presets.
- Added visual hint that you can click on time signature and notes to set accents.

15/01/2017 | Version : 3.0 | Size : 42.1 MB
Introducing accented beats and quarter rests. Click on time signature and notes to cycle between various values.

14/11/2016 | Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 41.9 MB


Tempomate is clever and beautiful metronome. Our Lite version offers tempos from 20 to 100 bpm. For higher tempos, please check out the full version of Tempomate. Otherwise the features are the same:

- Auto Mode. Increases tempo periodically for serious speed training. Just set the bpm amount and time interval.
- Accents. Spice it up with various time signatures, accents and rests.
- Presets. Save your favourite tempos, time signatures and auto mode settings in nine memory slots.
- Tap Tempo. Helps you find the precise tempo in your head or in that song. During use, the clicks synchronise to your tapping.
- Full Screen Mode. Because you are not sitting in front of computer all the time, right?

Set the tempo

- Click on large arrows above and below of tempo value.
- Drag the value up/down with the mouse.
- Press Up/Down to change by 5 bpm. The value is rounded first so you can move between numbers ending with zero or five.
- Press Left/Right to change by 1 bpm.
- Press Enter, type in the value and press Enter again to confirm.

Play and stop

- Press Spacebar to play and stop or use the button on screen.

Notes and accents

- Click on time signature to change.
- Click on notes to cycle between accented note, normal note and pause.

Auto mode

- Auto mode increases tempo periodically which is useful for speed training. You can set the bpm amount and time interval.
- Press A or click the auto mode button to start.
- Click on bpm and time interval to type in value or drag the value up/down with your mouse.


- Save your favourite tempos, time signatures and auto mode settings in nine memory slots.
- Press S to save current preset. This will save tempo, time signature, accents and auto mode settings.
- Press Cmd+1 to Cmd+9 to save current settings as another preset.
- Press 1 to 9 from keyboard to load a preset.
- Press P to cycle between presets.

Sounds and volume

- Press O to cycle between available click sounds.
- Press Cmd+, to open Settings and choose sound from list.
- Drag slider or press Cmd+Up/Down or Cmd+Left/Right to change volume.

Tap tempo

- Click TAP button or press T or Backspace at least three times in a row with more or less constant interval. New tempo is calculated as average of your last taps.

Click light

- Press V to toggle click light.

Full screen mode

- Press F to enter or leave full screen mode.


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#70 : Top Free Mac Applications [Music]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX


Education , Music

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