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By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

30/03/2017 | Version : 2.8.10 | Size : 12.8 MB
• Removed some code deprecated by Apple.

29/10/2016 | Version : 2.8.8 | Size : 12.7 MB
• Improved stability and bug fixes.

10/06/2016 | Version : 2.8.4 | Size : 12.0 MB
• Improved stability and bug fixes.


Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. It’s the perfect companion for everything you want to achieve in life, offering a great balance between ease of use and powerful features.

*** Updated for macOS Sierra ***

“Things is a true standout thanks to a great set of features and an interface that makes it a good fit for nearly any level of task management: It’s simple enough to use for the most-basic to-do lists ... but it’s powerful enough to handle a full blown GTD workflow... Things offers a unique combination of ease of use, a great interface, and flexibility that sets it apart from other to-do managers I’ve used.” – Dan Frakes, Macworld, 4½ stars

“Of course, everyone has specific needs and preferences that will steer them toward a particular to-do-list program or another. But Things’ combination of ease of use, great interface, and flexibility make it as close to the ideal Mac to-do app as we’ve seen.” — Macworld


• Apple Design Award - Winner
• Macworld Best of Show Award - Winner
• Macworld Editors’ Choice “Eddy” Award - Winner
• Featured by Apple as Editors’ Choice in more than 150 countries
• Featured by Apple in “Best of 2012”
• Featured by Apple in the App Store “Hall of Fame”
• Featured by Apple in “New Year, New You”
• Featured by Apple in “Get Stuff Done - Apps for Productive People”
• Featured by Apple in “Better Together - Apps to Connect Mac, iPhone & iPad”


When you start using Things, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to enter and manage your tasks. And with Things’ beautiful interface, task management becomes a delight. But all of this doesn’t come at the expense of power—everything you wish for in a task manager, Things has you covered.

• Today: Decide which tasks you want to do today and put them into your Today list. Throughout the day, come back to this list to check items off. Things will automatically show you due and scheduled items there once their date arrives -- so you won’t miss anything important.

• Focus: See what you need to do Today, what’s coming up Next, and what’s Scheduled for later. Put tasks in Someday if you can’t work on them right now, you can always come back to them later.

• Keep organized: Work, Family, Hobby - with Things, everything has its place. Projects and Areas of Responsibility let you master complex tasks and stay on top of your responsibilities in life and work.

• Use Tags to assign contexts, priorities, time – whatever fits your personal workflow. Quickly filter a list to find those tasks which are most relevant now.

• Out of your head, into Things: Enter new ideas the moment they hit you. Things’ Quick Entry window lets you add new tasks without interrupting your work. And thanks to the amazing Autofill feature, the Quick Entry window can be automatically pre-filled with the currently selected text, along with a link to the email you are reading, the webpage you are currently viewing, or the document you are editing (works with most applications).

• And much more: Create repeating tasks, add due dates, schedule tasks for a later date, import Reminders, review completed tasks in the Logbook, etc.


Things also includes a Today Widget for Notification Center, Handoff support for seamless transition between Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, an “Add to Things” sharing extension for creating to-dos from other apps, and support for Split View and Force Touch Trackpad.


Your to-dos, on all your devices. Things Cloud is a free service that stores your to-dos and updates them quickly & effortlessly across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch (apps sold separately).


We provide world-class, professional support for Things. If you have any issues or questions about the app, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you:

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Business , Productivity

Comments and Ratings for Things

Apple Watch component not functioning (2.8.4)
06/07/2016 12:04:00 3/5 By Houdeani83
A useful app that allows me to make task management simple. Unfortunately it is often too simple - the lack of subtasks is a particular feature that I miss - but otherwise it remains my ToDo app of choice. The Apple Watch component looks strong but persistently fails to synchronise with my iPhone. About once a week I will glance at the Apple Watch app and note, with surprise, that it is accurate. As a result, it is entirely unreliable and therefore useless - I hope that this gets sorted out in time for the expected WatchOS 3 update.

Good app … but (2.8.4)
12/05/2016 11:21:00 3/5 By IDevman
Things is a nicely thought out app, but does lack in some areas. Firstly it lacks the ability to export the tasks. The market appears to have moved on and left Things without this basic feature. Can I request the app should export both CSV and XML. Secondly (and I say this as a Mac user for over 20 years) there is no PC based version of the app. In today’s combined office landscape this again is a sign that the app needs to be updated. In summary, a good app but one that needs to be modernized.

Not perfect but close (2.8.3)
19/04/2016 17:32:00 5/5 By Yellowbelly74
About a year ago I invested in Firetask, another GTD oriented task management system. It looked the best of the bunch (and affordable!) at the time. I’ve used it for many months but started to look around for another option because the sync between Mac and ios devices with Firetask was so unreliable. I decided on Things because it seemed to tick all the boxes in terms of functionality and was pretty reasonably priced. I’ve been using it about a week now and love it. Entry of items is easy, especially once you get the hang of it’s integration with siri and the native reminders app in the ios versions of the app. Moving stuff around between projects is easy enough once you get the hang of the interface. I didn’t find it immediately inutitve but am getting used to it very quickly. Sync is seamless and perfect. Open any app and bingo, everything is up to date. I can once again rely on having the correct infrmation when I need it. The ability to add links to files, emails and the like is a great feature, making it easy to access everything you need to get a task done. I like the ability to see what could be done in a given day, review what you actually want to do, and postpone other items to a future date. Searching works briliantly, especially when combined with user defined tags. One thing it lacks is a feature Firetask has allowing you to file tasks as ‘waiting for’ someone else to action. I’ve got around this by creating a custom tag and then adding details of who I’m waiting on in the notes to any relevant tasks but it is a little clunky. Being able to group projects into areas of responsibility is a good feature. I can cluster all my current client work separately from all my potential client work or see it all together, whichever suits me best. All in all I’d highly recommend this. The iphone app is £8 and the ipad app £15 so for a little over £60 you have a seamless, easy to use, powerful and useful GTD management system working across all your devices.

Functionality (2.8.3)
01/02/2016 11:08:00 3/5 By HelloWorldHello
Really dont get why, if you move an entry in things from the inbox that was created on your native reminders app it then disapears from your native calendar app? Sorry that doesn’t make any logical sense. That isn’t in my mind worth the price if you cant integrate with your mac or iPad calendar, other than that its reasnonably good as gtd app. Also don’t undersatnd why developers keep using 'b' word to describe the way the interface looks? Come on guys get real. Its just a screen, if you really want to impress us give us a dark/night mode option, please!

Beautifully simple to use - but OH SO POWERFUL (2.8.3)
28/01/2016 12:06:00 5/5 By Meditation Specialist
This helps me stay on track with what I need to do, and when I need to do it by. As a self employed 'creative type’ - with a demanding, hectic schedule, I find trying to keep track of what I should be doing gets overtaken by new incoming ideas, tasks, jobs, etc. In a nutshell, I get overwhelmed by so much stuff, that I lose focus and get derailed on completing tasks I’ve assigned for myself. This beuatiful app is helping me see the big picture, all in one place, and allows me to tailor it to be as simple or as complex as I need it depending on the tasks, jobs, projects, etc that I wish to accomplish. I am now able to achieve more, with less frustration. And I am able to use this for ALL areas of my life - personal - work - hobbies - bucket list. Highly satisfied and impressed :)

Simply Perfect! (2.8.2)
28/10/2015 15:33:00 5/5 By Shane Blanchflower
This is the only app that I have on every iDevice I own - iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and all three of my Macs. I cannot imagine how I kept my life and work in order before I used this. The developers listen when you offer suggestions too. This app has put order into my chaotic day.

Thoughtful and simple (2.8)
05/10/2015 08:35:00 4/5 By Marmite Turkey
It has enough functionality to be powerful, if you learn the way it thinks you should manage and review tasks. There’s room for improvement: attachments in tasks subtasks and folders perspectives and saved searches But in general I keep coming back to Things from Omnifocus because tagging is more powerful than contexts it’s simpler, more compact and less fiddly it looks great on every platform

Fantastic Piece of Software (2.5.5)
05/08/2015 10:09:00 5/5 By Chris.O.
"Things" is truly a useful piece of kit, syncing between Mac, iOS devices and my Apple Watch, I couldn’t be without it. Worth every penny and more.

Lacks modern features (2.5.4)
06/06/2015 14:06:00 3/5 By Houdeani83
When Things was first released it blew its competition out of the water. Unfortunately, it hasn't moved with the times. There are three key features lacking in this App: 1. Subtasks, or nested projects, etc. The ability to break large jobs down into smaller, manageable chunks is so rudimentary that this oversight alone should limit this App to 3 stars. When projects grow it’s not unusual to see 100+ tasks in front of you. Most could be nested in a neat hierarchy but Things insists that you spend the time laboriously tagging your tasks. Only if you put the work in will you be able to filter your list reliably. 2. Collaboration, or sharing. I want to work as a team. I want to be able to assign tasks to colleagues or to share my progress within a project so that they can better plan their own work and vice-versa. 3. iCloud Sync. Cultured Code have their own cloud syncing platform. Long term users will know that this took a long time to become reliable and this is symptomatic of what is holding Things back. Imagine how iCloud integration would simplify collaboration across diverse Apple IDs! The fact is that as Apple add features to their iCloud platform Things will be further left behind. This ignores other features that are implemented on even the simplest todo Apps - such as locations or times. This software is old now and it shows. At bottom I still like this App a lot and I stubbornly persist with it for personal tasks. This is really the purpose behind this review; I just wish Things could become the App it promises to be! In time, I suspect that this will be added to the list of Apps I’ve uninstalled.

Came across from OmniFocus 2 Pro (2.5.4)
21/05/2015 14:55:00 4/5 By Phatzer
I’ve been using OmniFocus 2 Pro for about a year now, however today I made the decision to move back over to Things. Whilst I’d really like to see Things 3 some time soon given it was some time ago that they announced it, there is something particularly pleasing about using Things over OmniFocus. To begin with Cultured Code appear to invest a great deal of time making the process of adding tasks and managing them very simple yet powerful. I do miss nested tasks from OmniFocus, however at the same time, the ability to use multiple tags in tasks and shoving most stale tasks to ‘Someday’ means it suddenly becomes very easy to priorities tasks from a big long list of various projects in one go. I also feel that in order to for OmniFocus to be as popular as it is, they do work very quickly on their applications. While this means having new features and fixes released rapidly, they appear to invest less ‘love’ in the experience of using the application(s). OmniFocus support is also second-to-none, very quick and I suspect I will miss that if I need any developer support, however on the same note, I very rarely experience glitches that get in the way of me working, so the slower (yet still good) support is less needed. I’ll probably update my review as I go along, but so far I’m finding it becoming a little more enjoyable and less stressful managing my tasks, let alone doing them!

One of the Best Apps Ever (2.5.4)
14/05/2015 11:55:00 5/5 By KeepItLive
If you want to follow the GTD methodology to become more productive then Things the perfect supporting app, particularly when used in conjunction with the iOS versions. Cultured Code have clearly worked very hard indeed to develop such a logical, well organised app. Everything is so clean and simple with no unecessary complexity. The app just works as you would expect it to. It is very fast, efficient to use and rock solid. I think it is one of the highest quality apps available for the Mac bar none. I really like the sensible integrations with OS X so that you have simple ways to create new to-do items via keyboard shortcuts from any app. The integration with Reminders is very useful indeed. You can enter new reminders into the iOS using Siri by saying “Remember …” and they become availble for import to Things for Mac or iOS. You don’t need the iOS version of Things to make this particular feature work though. One criticism you could level at the app is the sparse amount of documentation available from the developers on how to get the best out of it. I think the presumption is that you fully understand the GTD methodology before starting to use this app. A basic user guide is provided but, to really make it sing, you need to know more. Fortunately, a member of the user community has published a guide that fills the gap and is available through a link on the Cultured Code forums. I see some critics think the app is falling behind and slow to incorporate new features. I disagree. I like the way that Cultured Code take time to think how new features can be introduced without sacrificing the simplicity, efficiency and speed of the applicaiton. In my expericence it is normally worth the wait.

falling behind (2.5.4)
12/05/2015 13:42:00 3/5 By stillasatree
no time facility, no location facility, no multiple tag capability, way too many taps to edit tasks - all of which are standard on oper apps, not because they are nice to have but because they increase productivity. Also, v poor response rate to questions through support - dont bother.

basic features missing (2.5.2)
26/01/2015 09:08:00 3/5 By hypertrinity
Doesn't sort. Can't save two-step tag selections. Unreliable re-ordering. Used for years, but can't face learning new software.

Excellent, but missing alerts (2.5.1)
05/01/2015 23:03:00 3/5 By Empire01
This is a great piece of software, apart from its lack of alarms. I have to combine it with the reminders app for location and specific time alerts. Pity.

One of the Best Apps Ever (2.5)
23/11/2014 23:04:00 5/5 By KeepItLive
If you want to follow the GTD methodology to become more productive then Things is just the perfect supporting app, particularly when used in conjunction with the iOS versions. Cultured Code have clearly worked very hard indeed to develop such a logical, well organised app. Everything is so clean and simple with no unecessary complexity. The app just works as you would expect it to. It is very fast, efficient to use and rock solid. I think it is one of the highest quality apps available for the Mac. I really like the sensible integrations with OS X so that you have simple ways to create new to-do items via keyboard shortcuts from any app. The integration with Reminders is very useful indeed. Being able to use Siri on your iPhone to create a new to-do by saying “Remind me to …” and have them show up for import the next time you open Things is so useful. The only possible criticism you could level at the app is the sparse amount of documentation available from the developers on how to get the best out of it. A basic user guide is provided but to really make it sing you need to know more. Fortunately a member of the user community has published a guide that fills the gap and is available through a link on the Cultured Code forums.

Deftly updated for Yosemite (2.5)
17/10/2014 11:34:00 5/5 By Danio1972
Superb refresh for Yosemite and workability with iOS 8. Handoff is super cool. Looking forward to your v3 release when ready :)

Very costly (2.2.6)
28/06/2014 17:13:00 2/5 By Mark_Rosher
My own fault for not reading carefully enough, but the cost of this app is not inconsiderable and then you have to fork out even more cash for the IOS apps. Really, a significant cost like this should include the app in all it’s Apple incarnations. I feel slightly stupid now for paying for something that doesn’t do whjat I want it to without paying more than I can afford. Caveat Emptor.

The best one out there (2.2.5)
23/03/2014 23:32:00 5/5 By HalfDanishIan
Whilst there are many GTD/to-do apps out there, Things seems to strike the best balance of simplicity, power, and usability. In particular, I’d highlight the following features: - The interface is clear, non-distracting, and straightforward. - The structure of areas, projects and subtasks is intuitive and easy to use, with plenty of space for writing extra notes and comments for each task. - It’s pretty easy to find a way of working with priorities that suits you, via dates, or next task, tags etc - The quick entry panel with autofill is great for creating tasks rapidly from emails, text in documents, etc. - The sync to iPad/iPhone is robust, fast and reliable - The apps on the iPad/iPhone are nice to use I’ve tried a few of the GTD apps, but always come back to Things.

Best Fit (2.2.5)
29/12/2013 12:27:00 5/5 By Danio1972
All too regularly I am tempted to try other ‘todo’ softwares, they offer the promise of flexability and additional features over and above ‘Things’ - BUT - I find that I always come back to Things pretty quickly. Things is a well designed app, the sync system is the best bar none! Yes, there are some features that could change, some that could be added and currently development seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary. When all is said and done this remains the one app I’ve tried that gets things done, quickly, easily and above all reliably.

Things 2 for Mac (2.2)
29/04/2013 21:02:00 5/5 By manmouna
I work in academia and I find this application AMAZING. I bought things for iPhone, iPad and Mac. I now regret everyday I did not use this application. If you are really serious about productivity, then you must buy it. It also syncs quite well and super fast among your devices. Believe me it is not expensive. It deserves every penny. Buy it now and be more productive - what are you waiting for? Do not look further for any other applications. I tried almost all of these applications. Things is the best. You will not regret.

Excellent product - helps make me much organised (2.2)
27/04/2013 11:08:00 5/5 By PaulFreegard
Have used Things for over a year now. Really like the product. Easy to use, yet does all you need. The iCloud implementation works very well. I use the product on iMac, Ipad and iPhone - they all sync to the cloud very efficiently. Well done Cultured Code!

Missing elements that I need in my GTD process (2.1.1)
12/02/2013 09:33:00 3/5 By Evil Kitten
This app really needs a "Waiting For" list and subprojects. Looks like (from archives) there's been discussion about both for some years. I've managed to implement workarounds, but it's not satistifying to have to do that in a premium app.

It works, plain and simple (2.1)
17/12/2012 12:35:00 4/5 By
Yes it does what it says on the tin, sycs across all devices with no issues but the interface looks better on an iPad in all honesty than on the desktop. Can not fault its functionality, (well not much) but just does not have the polished GUI and "must have" feel of wunderlist. What is does have however is recurring tasks, tagging and tight integration with the OS. All of which seem to work and which wunderlist hopefully will include in the upgrade. Sharing lists is not supported, in our small office that is a feature I really like, saves e-mailing tasks across the room :-) and one wunderliist does with aplomb. Feel this is a top rate product, just uninspiring for some reason, (if list management can be inspiring). I really wanted to love this, just disappointed for no definable reason, and probably overly expensive, although money should not be an issue if it fills a need. Will stay with it for now.

I use this as much as email... (2.0.1)
12/09/2012 02:34:00 5/5 By teekay6
I've tried all the other GTD software, for me this works. Sure there are elements of the others that this doesn't do / I wish it did however, you're never going to be able to homogenise every piece of software ever. This works; I like the interface; if you spend some time with it, it's as powerful as you need it to be; cloud sync is awesome. Highly recommended.

Very easy to use (2.0.1)
03/09/2012 12:40:00 4/5 By Daisy Cate
I have deliberated over purchasing Things for a while because of the price of it, and now that I have it I think it is too expensive for what it is. I had purchased drop kick which is a very simple list creator for a few pounds but it was too simple for my needs. I would say in terms of complexity and capability this app is 'medium'. Forget it for complex projects at work, but great for one person trying to organise themselves a bit better. Things certainly is easy to use and set up plus I haven't had any problems with crashing. I juggle working from home with being a mum and it's busy, and my memory is not what it was. I used to have all kinds of lists on paper but I would lose them and they would need constant updating. Now it's easy to sort your day as soon as you sit down by reviewing what needs doing. New items can be added really easily too. You can add any tags you like (creating new ones is as simple as just typing a word in and the app remembers all) to an item and add them to projects as well. I can now keep lots of lists under projects for myself, work, my children, can call up lists of errands before going out, you could write shopping lists on it as well as all that important work stuff! Very, very easy to use and find your way around. I plan to purchase an iphone and look forward to being able to have things on there and link them up. I hope that will be as easy. So a good app which I would recommend but expensive, and that's without adding on more cost to have the same app on a phone.

Crashed on startup - no reply from support (2.0.1)
02/09/2012 08:48:00 1/5 By SCOTT BROUILETTE
I had used Things 1 and liked it a lot, so also purchased Things on iPad and iPhone. Syncing was OK but was pleased to hear of cloud syncing, so upgraded to version 2.0 on Mountain Lion. However there is a critical issue that means Things crashes shortly after launch EVERY time. I have tried all solutions on their website with no luck, so emailed support over 10 days ago. No reply, so sent another more detailed email with screenshots, but still no reply. So - nice product with terrible support. If you want Things on all devices the cost mounts up, so decent support is vital to ensure you get the most from your purchase. I am now trying to get a refund and using OmniFocus instead….

Need to buy iPhone app separately. (2.0.1)
19/08/2012 15:28:00 3/5 By Mark Pidduck
This app certainly seems useful, but for £35 I naively expected that I would simply be able to download a version for my mobile device. However, I find that I have to pay another £6-7 to make use of the functionality advertised in the description of this app. Serves me right, I suppose.

Simply the Best (2.0.1)
16/08/2012 13:55:00 5/5 By JWinLickey
If you take getting your things done seriously and you appreciate good looking, highly functional and easy to use software then this is your only real option (I tried all of the rest). Things isn't the cheapest option up front, but when you think about the extra time it saves, ease of use and rock-solid performance the return on investment is great - after all, you get what you pay for in life! Things 2 is better still, and if you have an iOS device then the cloud sync is invaluable.

24/12/2011 15:21:00 1/5 By Mirror? Really?
There are several fundamental flaws in this app if you need it to function properly as a business tool. The main ones are the following: (1) the actual date when a task is due to be carried out doesn't appear unless the task is more than 2 weeks away - so if you think in terms of dates, rather than "this week" or "next week" it involves an additional effort to work out by which actual date this week or next week the task must be done (2) when the tasks are created, they list in the order in which they were created, rather than alphabetically - so if you think of several components of one task, but don't think of them in a logical order, and don't want to create a separate project, they remain unstructured; (3) there seems to be no way of filtering the tasks so that, having been created, they can be re-arranged in alphabetical / numerical order; and (4) when a task has been completed, it disappears from the list unless you click on the separate "log" file, which then shows completed tasks - however if you're doing a complicated task with various components, and you don't want to create a project, then you don't have the chance to get a sense of how far progressed you are b seeing how many of the components of that bigger task have been completed and how many are still left to do. If there was a refund option on this software I would activate it immediately - I'm really appalled that such basic features (all of which appear on Microsoft Outlook as a matter of course) are missing in such an expensive piece of software.

BUG BUG BUG (1.5.3)
04/11/2011 19:24:00 1/5 By skillern
This version of things is S**t they need to imploy someone who knows hot to sync data. Well, right after I updated Things today (to 1.5.3) a blank task starts popping up in my iCal (I have the Today list synced with my personal iCal calendar/reminders). Then a second blank task/reminder. Then a third. Then they started adding a new blank task about every 3 seconds. (my iCal is linked to my iCloud account, and Things was syncing with iCal). So, I turned off iCal syncing in Things. Then, I turned off my iPhone and iPad (both linked to my iCloud account), thinking it was iCloud. It still adds a blank task/reminder every 3 seconds. So, I quit Things and the blank task/reminders stop popping up. I delete all of them and confirm they are deleted on every device. I then turn every device off and restart my Mac. When I go to iCal -- clean as a whistle. No tasks, no blank tasks being added. Then I fire up Things. Even with iCal syncing turned off, the blank tasks start reappearing. Sometimes one every three seconds, sometimes multiple blank ones every three seconds. This is MADDENING.

From this dev.


Price : £9.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things for iPad
Things for iPad

Price : £19.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3
Things 3

Price : £9.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3 for iPad
Things 3 for iPad

Price : £19.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3
Things 3

Price : £48.99
Platform : Mac OS
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

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