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TigerCreate 2

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By Tiger Media International GmbH

Create awesome interactive mobile apps and ebooks with stunning animations. The wide range of export formats guarantees high visibility and will allow you to distribute your projects in big international markets. With TigerCreate, you will always be one step ahead of the game – e.g. use the new Augmented Reality features to make your stories come to life in a fascinating new way!

To see some beautiful examples of AR scenes created with TigerCreate, just download the free “TigerCreate AR Showcase” app, available from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store (search for “TigerCreate”).

TigerCreate is used by leading publishing houses, agencies and animation specialists to develop their content into interactive apps. One shining example of the possibilities TigerCreate offers can be seen in the award-winning interactive iBook, “Lindbergh” (Apple‘s Best of 2015).

From prototype to production – develop sophisticated interactive media with TigerCreate

Amazing animations:

• Animate as many images as you like - or even text - in 2D and 3D
• A comprehensive toolkit for complete control over complex nested objects

• Timeline-based animation system with an intuitive interface
• Edit multiple timelines simultaneously to sync animations and audio

• Use Bézier curves and different easing types for natural 2D and 3D motion

Create complex interactions easily:

• Use images or invisible nodes as buttons to fully control all animations (play, pause, …)

• Add animations to buttons to create conditional animations

• Special animation types for physics, drag-along, scratch pictures …

• Special actions for triggering AR mode, jumping to scenes, opening links …
• Instant preview mode for testing all animations and interactions simultaneously in the editor 

Create breath-taking content:

• Easy audio embedding, editing and controlling using the volume keys
• Use the word highlighting feature to create educational content with read-along option

• Create your content in high resolution for retina displays (with a low-res fall-back)

• Flexible text layout system can adapt font size to the screen size of the user’s device 

Multiple export options:

• Create content once, export it multiple times

• Export to: iOS app, Android app, iBook, KF8, TigerBook

• Preview your projects easily using the TigerSimulator tool (simulates large number of devices)
• Build and test directly on mobile devices or iBooks on macOS

Conquer international markets:

• Each project supports as many languages as you need
• Text, sounds and even images can be changed based on languages
• Work with any font installed on your Mac, with no licensing problems!


TigerCreate is free to download and use. A subscription is required to use premium features.

Choose from six subscription options:

• TigerCreate STANDARD subscription (monthly) – $14.49
• TigerCreate STANDARD subscription (annual) – $159.99

• TigerCreate 3D subscription (monthly) – $27.49
• TigerCreate 3D subscription (annual) – $299.99

• TigerCreate AR subscription (monthly) – $54.99
• TigerCreate AR subscription (annual) – $499.99

Price may vary depending on location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

Licence agreement: http://bit.ly/2qVZpUR

If you need help with TigerCreate or want to give us your feedback, please write to: support@tigerbooksmedia.com

[Please note]

In order to unlock its full functionality, TigerCreate requires some additional software components that need to be installed separately:

• To create iOS-Apps: install Xcode
• To create Android-Apps: install Android-SDK
• To create Kindle eBooks: install KindleGen

TigerCreate will help you to set up this software correctly.

Release Notes

22/09/2017 | Version : 2.07 | Size : 20.9 MB

• Added numeric value for ambient, touch and speech sound volumes
• Indexed *.png App Icons are now internally converted to RGB
• Scrubber in Timeline is now hidden when no animations are visible
• Added delete option for the hint image
• Movie animations now have 1 sec Time Step (number of frames = movie duration in seconds)
• Dragging images from Finder to Project Navigator will show cancel/skip/replace alert if image already exists in folder
• Dragging movies from Finder to Project Navigator will show cancel/skip/replace alert if movie already exists in folder


• Fixed undo value for ambient sound volume
• Speech sound - fixed UI issue that made it impossible to remove the sound
• Fixed scrollbar sometimes visible in Textblade even if not needed
• Fixed Textblade height UI value not updating on exit of Preview Mode
• Fixed some issues with animation and sound properties
• Fixed issue with UI Actions not reseting when switching Preview/Edit Mode
• Fixed issue with Drag Along animation (not being able to drag back)

07/09/2017 | Version : 2.06 | Size : 20.7 MB
• Fixed an issue where animations rotations key were not updated on changing the parent of the object
• Fixed an issue where sounds were played with a delay when they were restarted via a touch object

12/08/2017 | Version : 2.05 | Size : 18.4 MB
### This update needs at least OSX 10.11.x El Capitan! ###

Welcome to this sweet and most important summer update!


We improved an essential element a lot, namely the Timeline! We had to do this to make the navigation and the scrubbing in the Timeline 100% exact, before we did this there were sometimes some issues with the rounding of the time and the navigation in the frames when using Delays.

We now introduce the concept of the "Time Step". This is a quite important thing for an animation, it is the time needed to move from one Frame to the next Frame in the Timeline.

An example: You have an animation with 11 Frames (Frame 0-10), and the Loop Time (the length) of this animation is 10 seconds.
This animation has 10 Time Steps:

Frame 0 -> Frame 1: Time Step 1
Frame 1 -> Frame 2: Time Step 2
Frame 9 -> Frame 10: Time Step 10

So, now you have 10 Time Steps from the first to the last Frame, and the length of the animation is 10 seconds, resulting in a Time Step length of 1 second!
(For all of you who like a bit of math, the number of Time Steps is the number of Frames minus 1.)

Now the biggest change:

The Delay Time (the time that goes by before an animation is started) is now entered in Time Steps! In the case of the example above you now can enter a Delay of e.g. 5 Time Steps, so the animation would start 5 seconds later (because one Time Step here is 1 second).

THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE, so please backup all your projects before you work with the new version!

You might have some issues with animations that have only a few Frames or a long Loop Time or both, resulting in big Time Steps. Because if you e.g. have Time Steps of 5 seconds, the only Delay Times you can get are multiples of this, so e.g. Delay Times of 5s, 10s, 15s etc.


If you need more precision here you need to make the Time Steps smaller in your animation, e.g. by using more Frames for the animation. The advantage of this is the now perfect timing in animations while scrubbing, because the Delays now fit exactly into the Frame grid of the Timeline.

There is now (?) help icon placed beside the "Delay" item with all the needed information.


• New animations have 31 frames now (from Frame 0-30, so they have 30 Time Steps)
• Added Jump To Frame option in animator
• Improved drawing of Timeline Scrubber Bar
• Added help option (?) for Delay Steps of animations
• Added Start From Default on the Delay animation option (object will reset to Default Transform while in delay phase)
• Added help option (?) for Start From Default
• Improved UI for Animations Inspector

• Fixed sound playing in the Timeline with pinnend animations
• Fixed display of Timeline Scrubber in the top row with the frame numbers
• Fixed naming issue when duplicating multiple nodes at once
• Fixed issue with the Timeline Scrubber jumping to zero when saving, making screenshots, etc.
• Fixed issue with Drag Along Path (some jiggeling at the end)
• Fixed issue with sprite sheet animations not updating paths when moving images in folders
• Fixed issue with parenting into a -1 scale node with child having rotation (rotation was changing)
• Fixed naming issue when dragging objects into the scene

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Developer Tools , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices : Mac OS

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