Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell Conviction® 2.5/5

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction®

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By Ubisoft

*MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13’ are not compatible with this game*

*Splinter Cell Conviction game is available also in French, Italian, German, Spanish*

Become Sam Fischer, a renegade spy agent on a personal mission of vengeance, forced to thwart a terrorist plot that threatens millions of lives.

All-new improvisation-based gameplay: Discover a new breed of gameplay, where every object is available to use. Inventory is actually the world around you; you decide how to use it.
Enemies will actively search for you: As a fugitive, quick thinking and adaptation are essential to turn the situation to your advantage. However, enemies can also use the environment and other resources to track you down.
Use the living crowd: Blend in with a realistic crowd and navigate within a civilian environment, mimic them to go undetected or instigate panic as a way to become untraceable as you escape danger. Active stealth will force you to think and act quickly. However, as always, you will have to weigh the risk of heavy force against other options.
Black market: Use your underground connections to gain access to black market gadgets and weapons, and complete your objectives by using consumer-grade gear in ways that were not intended.
Crowd in multiplayer: Play with, or against, your friends in the midst of a civilian crowd – but know that enemies will look like any other person, so your sense of observation and ability to act unnoticed are as important as reacting quickly to an unexpected threat.

Mac hardware minimum requirements

Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM : 2 GB
Video Card : 512MB video card (see supported list*)
Hard Drive Space : 10.0 GB free
Internet Connection : 128 kbps Broadband

Mac hardware recommended requirements

Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Processor : Intel Core i7
Video Card : 1024MB video card (see supported list*)
Hard Drive Space : 10.0 GB free
Internet Connection : 256 kbps Broadband

* Supported list of video cards

- ATI Radeon Radeon HD 2000 Series, Radeon HD 4000 Series,
Radeon HD 5000 Series

Laptop models of these cards may work but are not supported.

These specs could be remade into the following Apple models:

2009 iMac (imac10,1 & 10,2)
2010 iMac (iMac11,2 & 11,3)
2011 iMac (iMac12,1 & 12,2)
15’’ and 17’’ 2010 macbook pro (macbookpro 6,1 & 6,2)
15’’ and 17’’ 2011 macbook pro (macbookpro8,2 & 8,3)
2009 MacPro (MacPro 4,1)
2010 MacPro (MacPro 5,1

Release Notes

Version : 1.0.1 | Size : 8.9 GB
Bug Fixes


Categories :
#96 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Adventure]
#109 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Action]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Games , Action , Adventure

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction®

Wont even open (1.0.1)
10/02/2017 03:32:25 1/5 By Signz
Cant really rate it as it wont even open!!!!

Splinter Cell Conviction (1.0.1)
08/01/2017 06:50:00 1/5 By Russianx
Will not load? Error report only waste of money!!!

Listen to the reviews…. This is terrible! (1.0.1)
10/06/2014 23:37:00 1/5 By Bean12578
I’ve been running this on a top spec MacBook Pro retina 15” and this game crashes constantly! The menu interface is shocking. The developers really haven’t actually thought about this game - I doubt they have even tested it! The muppets couldn’t even get the stereo sound coming out of the correct side. The left and right audio channels are the wrong way round. These guys are f*&$%ing useless. Go spend you money on something else!

unplayable (1.0.1)
26/03/2014 20:45:00 1/5 By marshallbateman
This is an awful port. The main menu is too laggy to navigate, the gameplay itself is even worse. There is no controller support. No effort whatsoever has gone into making this.

working on 10.9.2 (1.0.1)
03/03/2014 22:34:00 5/5 By peter63711

Magic Mouse support? (1.0.1)
15/10/2013 17:21:00 3/5 By Colour187
The first paragraph saying MBP and MBA 13” not supported shocked me. I bought it anyway and it worked fine! No issues with it apart from the fan kicking up but this is expected. However, using the trackpad is a PAINNNN. Tried to connect my Magic Mouse up but the game doesn’t recognise it, it forces me to use the trackpad, WHY?? Also, pleaseeeeeee add PS3 Controller support! It’s much easier that the keyboard!!

Very nice on a fast mac (1.0.1)
01/08/2013 21:21:00 5/5 By cburgdorfer
Graphically a very impressive game. But you need a powerful computer!

Awful (1.0.1)
30/01/2013 16:32:00 2/5 By manicman89
Ubisoft need to run a patch or an update on this. The game is really laggy even with a mid spec macbook pro with decent graphics in. I thought I might give the game a try to see if it would run ok as I was in the middle of the pack in terms of hardware specs. Up on loading the game the main menu was very slow and I had to reduce to the lowest graphic setting to even get through to the first cutscene. The game is pretty unplayable and needs a massive update as there are other games out there with just the same amount of graphically power that play fine if not better than this. Ideally I would avoid anyone getting it in the future unless you have top end hardware ! Please update Ubisoft !

joystick mapper (1.0.1)
28/01/2013 13:05:00 2/5 By hibbsy11
does anyone know how to use the joystick mapper on it that i brought off apple ??

TERRIBLE (1.0.1)
18/11/2012 14:21:00 1/5 By E J'Forrister
Wont run with out lagging, played around with the settings still doesnt work.. really shoddy want a refund.

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