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By Vectr Labs Inc.

Free vector graphics software used to create graphics easily and intuitively.

Vectr is a simple yet powerful cross-platform graphics editor to bring your designs into reality. Get started immediately without the massive learning curve. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing, logotypes, icons, website UI designs, brochures or vector art, Vectr’s intuitive tools let you focus on what truly matters - creating beautiful graphic designs.

Powerful vector graphics editor
• Precise and rock-solid vector graphics tools that work intuitively
• No learning curve
• AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG files import
• Scale designs to any size without losing clarity

Drawing tools
• Easy to use pen tool - create curved and straight paths and modify them
• Intuitive freehand drawing tool - draw custom shapes
• Easily add lines, circles, rectangles and manipulate them
• Grouping layers - group layers and modify them together
• Corner radius - change the radius of any corners
• Create icons, website UI designs, logotypes, brochures, banners

Social and collaborative
• A unique shareable URL for every design
• Send anyone a Vectr document for real-time collaboration without the wait
• Others can watch you create and edit designs live, whether you’re in the web app or desktop version
• Post your designs to Facebook or Twitter in one click

Free forever and cross-platform
• Vectr’s basic graphics editor is free forever.
• Cross Platform - use Vectr on the web, or download to your desktop: Mac, Windows, Chromebook or Linux. We'll automatically save and sync your work in real-time, across all platforms.
• Open Roadmap - Vectr's open roadmap is a living document where our community gets together to shape what Vectr will become.

You may use Vectr anonymously, but we highly recommend signing up for a free account which is going to let you sync your designs between web and desktop.

Currently Vectr requires an Internet connection to work. In the future however we are going to make the app capable of working offline too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting your feet wet in design for the first time — you’ll be up and running with Vectr in no time flat.

Follow us:

Twitter: @vectrlabs
Facebook: @vectrlabs

Release Notes

22/06/2017 | Version : 0.1.16 | Size : 46.5 MB
Vectr now supports multiple keyboard shortcuts, has a new chat and works much faster thanks to the newest Electron.js version and other improvements! Moreover:

• We have fixed the problem with file extension missing when exporting and changing the file name.
• You can now close the app using Command+W shortcut.
• Resolved the problem with Facebook social sharing: now the app opens a new isolated window for social media sharing

You can read more of how keyboard shortcuts work on our blog - or just press "?" to open keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet.

Hope you are enjoying designing with Vectr!

28/04/2017 | Version : 0.1.15 | Size : 41.2 MB
1. New powerful snapping.
2. Bug fixes and performance improvements: the app does not freeze anymore and is faster.
3. Better app stability.

14/03/2017 | Version : 0.1.14 | Size : 42.6 MB
1. You can now use Vectr anonymously without signing up for a free account.
2. Updated missing entitlement.
3. Added “go to previous page” & “go to next page” menu items.
4. Updated entry point from /login to /new.
5. Refactored the whole codebase


Overall :
#200 : Top Free Mac Applications

Categories :
#10 : Top Free Mac Applications [Graphics & Design]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Productivity , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Vectr

A fantastic & simple graphics editing tool (0.1.15)
13/06/2017 15:00:40 5/5 By The Vossys
I have been searching for a simple graphics editing tool for some time and having come across Vectr, I am well chuffed I found this tool. Its is extremely easy to use and the learning curve is genuinly quick. The app is also deceptive, because just when you think you have seen it all, it has some hidden tools & capabilities that you would associate with a more sophisticated Graphics editing tool. I also contacted the support Team via the online chat facility and they were extremely responsive and supportive. Finally, I used their online video tutorials. Again, quick, simple and very effective and now I feel I know how to use the tool to it best ability. Compliments to the development team for developing a simple yet effective tool for creating Graphics easily and intuitively !!

Great App for what it’s designed for (0.1.15)
14/05/2017 16:37:30 5/5 By Mabsalcazar
Great for producing vector graphics. That’s what I need and Vectr gets me there. It’s free! And most importantly the support you get from the Vectr team is awsome.

Hmmmmm…..very disappointed (0.1.15)
03/05/2017 13:27:08 1/5 By DuporthDelight
Not sure why this app was featured? Maybe they integrated Touch Bar and Apple when crazy for it? As far as I am concerned - it’s misadvertised. The image above makes it look like you can alter the colourings of an image - not true at all. And then everytime you open the app you have to login?? Crazy frustrating! My advise: just stick with Photoshop or Sketch. Unless you just want to draw stock shapes.

Missing most normal application features (0.1.15)
01/05/2017 18:42:21 1/5 By uberben
Incredably tied to the internet, normal shortcuts entirely missing, very odd to use and unintuitive. Normal options obfuscated if you don’t sign up with the company. Doesn’t work without an internet application - barmy.

Great tool! (0.1.15)
01/05/2017 12:00:24 5/5 By Naif.Alharbi
It is very nice vector-base image tool! The Pen Tool is really amazing. I utilize both the online and the Mac version to design my project diagrams. I would love to see extra image types in the export option, the "eps" might be an important missed type. Thanks

Sign up? (0.1.14)
27/03/2017 10:13:31 1/5 By NazgulUK
You can’t use this app at all without signing up, contrary to what the “What’s New” The fonts available are not those installed on your mac I didn’t get very far with using the app due to the first point. Make it properly anonymous and I’ll consider revisiting it.

Review (0.1.14)
24/03/2017 16:43:59 1/5 By CY metro ltd
you need to sign up to save your work!

Exactly what I needed. Works with SVG and converts .AI (0.1.14)
20/03/2017 07:14:39 5/5 By Allstarthree
Main benefits 1. This works 2. It’s the right level of simplicity to quickly upload an image, edit the image and download the finished image. 3. It converts images i get from freepik that are in .ai format to svg - that’s what I needed. Thanks for the great work! Edit: I’ve just read some other reviews complaining about having to sign up to use a free tool. It just reminds me that people will pay $20 to watch a movie and eat popcorn at the cinema but won’t pay $1 for an app they’d use for weeks. Now they’re complaining about having to sign up to use a free service. Ignore them, this is an excellent tool.

Sign up (0.1.13)
10/03/2017 05:20:00 1/5 By 9Nickname
Stupid sign up for an account system. No Thanks. Jog on.

Requires sign-up - the description is misleading (0.1.13)
04/03/2017 00:13:00 2/5 By enkaytee
No such thing as a free lunch? Don’t be fooled by the description which says ‘no sign-up forms’ - and yet the first thing that you have to do if you want to save anything is create an account. Can’t comment on whether the app is any good as I immediately deleted it...

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