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WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts and Alerts

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By Earth Networks, Inc.

Get all the weather information you need straight from your menu bar with WeatherBug! See real-time weather conditions, get severe weather alerts, check the hourly forecast, and see a live radar view for all your favorite locations.

Download the weather app powered by the largest professional weather network in the world! Our weather network delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts.

• Get quick access to detailed weather data for all your favorite locations
• See accurate current weather conditions and hourly weather forecasts
• Receive weather alerts directly in your menu bar so you can track severe weather
• View a live map for all your favorite locations

• Forecasts for 2.6 million+ locations worldwide
• Largest total lightning detection network
• 10,000+ professional-grade weather stations
• Click through to our live weather & traffic cameras

• Get notified of severe weather 50% faster with our exclusive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
• Receive all National Weather Service watches and warnings

Be prepared. Know Before™. Download WeatherBug for your Mac today!

Release Notes

21/02/2017 | Version : 1.0.2 | Size : 7.0 MB
Get the latest version including new features requested by valued users like you! This new release includes:

• Menu bar getting too crowded? Now you can decide how much weather you want to see. Check out our new settings to see our new menu bar icons.

Send us your ideas on how to make WeatherBug even better to

14/03/2016 | Version : 1.0.1 | Size : 5.9 MB
Thank you for downloading WeatherBug Lite! We are committed to improving your experience and your feedback is invaluable to us. If you enjoy this app, please consider taking a few moments to review it.

What's new in this release:
• Several UI enhancements and performance improvements

18/02/2016 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 5.7 MB


Categories :
#10 : Top Free Mac Applications [Weather]

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Utilities , Weather

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts and Alerts

Latest version is very good, 2 things to make it a 5 (1.0.1)
31/03/2016 11:57:00 3/5 By nja247
New comer to app, but having read reviews I think previous complaints resolved, even for UK users as I am once myself. To be honest, I tried this app due to trouble I’ve had with a paid app. This app does what it says in a very clean and fitting manner for OS X and it’s FREE. Doesn’t appear from my use to be loaded with ads either to pressure an upgrade The one thing that really needs looked at is how it sits in the menubar, i.e. it’s lower than all other icons and whilst I like it having some padding it’s a but too much (needs reduced 10%, itself raised or padded on bottom maybe a few percent). Otherwise the only thing I’d like to see added, and this could be the free part, when clicking the menu icon it only gives the days’ weather view and not a 3 or 5 day forecast. Again, whilst this would be nice and make it an easy 5 and something I’d pay £1.49 for, as it is it’s a very reasonable free app that is well done.

Ads in the menubar? Thanks but no thanks (1.0)
25/02/2016 19:23:00 1/5 By Jai Hussain
Id happily pay for a simple weather app. If this had a way to pay to turn ads off I think i would have given it at least 3 stars. Even 1 star is generous

Easier to look out the window (1.0)
24/02/2016 09:46:00 1/5 By nmccloud
Could be very useful if it told me what was coming - not what was going on out the window - we have see through ones in our house so it’s not hard to do. Yes, it tells us forecast temperature for the day using the most odd X - X format, but I have a coat for temperature control, it’s more about if it should be a waterproof one or have a snow hood. What I’d really like to know is what the weather is for the next few days. The radar map shows nothing, zilch, zip, even when it’s about to or actually raining. The ad, fair dos, would be of interest if I lived somewhere Verizon covered, but I don’t. The UI for settings was designed by someone with a sense of humour - try navigating clearly around it and you are lost in a maze. Sorry guys, back to the drawing board.

Good, but not perfect for the UK (1.0)
22/02/2016 12:13:00 4/5 By Spondolosous
A nice little app with an icon that sits in the toolbar displaying temperature and current weather. Click the icon and the app displays more weather info, e.g., today’s hi & lo temperatures, a graph of temperature for the hours ahead, and a weather satellite image. The app can be configured to display weather info for a number of locations. Temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Wind units supported are mi/h, km/h, m/s, and knots. Pressure units supported are inches and millibars. The app has some limitations: The weather satellite image will only display weather for the USA, and if you want temperature in Celsius you’ll have to accept distances in km although wind units can still be displayed in mi/h.

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