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WhatsApp Desktop

By WhatsApp Inc.
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

28/04/2017 | Version : 0.2.4239 | Size : 68.3 MB
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Recent updates:
- Now you can reply to a message directly from a notification

11/03/2017 | Version : 0.2.3703 | Size : 67.8 MB
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Recent updates:
- Now you can reply to a message directly from a notification

18/02/2017 | Version : 0.2.3571 | Size : 67.8 MB
Now you can reply to a message directly from a notification


With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.


Overall :
#2 : Top Free Mac Applications

Categories :
#1 : Top Free Mac Applications [Social Networking]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Social Networking , Utilities

Comments and Ratings for WhatsApp Desktop

Improve (0.2.3571)
09/03/2017 18:40:00 3/5 By Mamz099
good to have whatsapp on desktop, but need to add video call as well.

One ESSENTIAL touch bar function please! (0.2.3571)
02/03/2017 07:52:00 3/5 By Hey12398
I would give 5 starts if the emojis button would appear on the touch bar when texting someone.. it actually appears when you ‘quick reply’ so it’s possible! Please add this feature!

Works ok for me (0.2.3571)
26/02/2017 02:32:00 5/5 By Blue Frog 2244
Just downloaded the app onto my iMac . opened it up and got a QR bar code, so i opened whatsapp up on my phone tap the settings icon [bottom right]. Then tap the WhatsApp Web/Desktop icon then look [for Scan QR Code] and tap that then hold your phone up to the QR bar code showing on the imac and then your connected. Simples!!!

Does not work!!! Installed WhatsApp and just got a QR that didn’t work (0.2.3571)
23/02/2017 05:38:00 1/5 By UpsetWhatsAppMacuser
Installed on my MacBook Pro. Opened it and got a QR bar code. Used my iPhone 6S to try to activate something and it didn’t work…. Absolutey rubbish and no help to resolve the issue.

It’s good but (0.2.3571)
22/02/2017 11:28:00 4/5 By Liam Suaza
I just don’t want to turn on my phone each time just because I’m not connected to it, so please make a “sign in” feature. Thank you.

Needs touch bar support! (0.2.3120)
16/02/2017 14:02:00 4/5 By jake!.
Only thing missing is touch bar support, even third party desktop apps and WhatAapp web support touch bar emojis while this doesn’t

Handy! (0.2.3120)
11/02/2017 04:18:00 5/5 By mangerman23
Really great app. Handy to have when you’re on your cumputer away from your phone.

Disappointed (0.2.3120)
05/02/2017 11:21:00 1/5 By Cjminor
I tried to get this app to work on my MacBook Pro but I had a problem with the scan code using my iPhone 6+ and just could not get WhatsApp to open on my desktop so I deleted the app

Does the job of containing as an app but... (0.2.2739)
28/01/2017 06:44:00 3/5 By Jason_G_1978
…still doesn’t seem to contain the latest emojis..

It’s OK... (0.2.2739)
24/01/2017 10:24:00 3/5 By TinyFC
…I mean, it’s just the web version of WhatApp packaged in an official App Store app. Nothing special. Useful that you don’t need to have a browser owner, but anoying that this doesn’t have ANY TouchBar support on the new MacBooks. Mostly the emojis that are missing (yes, I know you can hit the emoji button but the TouchBar was a handy shortcut). So add this support and you’ll get five starts from me!

Can’t send out message from this app (0.2.2739)
24/01/2017 10:05:00 1/5 By Jennyyp
I can only recieve messages and files from this app,but when I try to send out message from my mac, the message never comes up!! So inconvenient!!!

Really Good Looking APP !!!! (0.2.2739)
13/01/2017 13:46:00 5/5 By MattRivier
This app is working just fine ! And has Amazing designs :D !

From this dev.

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WhatsApp Messenger

Price : Free
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By WhatsApp Inc.

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