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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. The Xcode IDE combined with the Swift programming language make developing apps easier and more fun than ever before.

Xcode includes the Xcode IDE, Swift and Objective-C compilers, Instruments analysis tool, simulators, the latest SDKs, and hundreds of powerful features:

Innovative tools help you create great apps
• Swift is a revolutionary programming language that is safe, fast, and modern
• Playgrounds are a fun way to experiment and interact with Swift code
• Interface Builder displays pixel-perfect UI for each target device and can edit at any zoom level
• View debugging shows a 3D stack of all your app's UI view layers at runtime
• Assistant editors show content related to your primary task
• Live Issues display errors as you type, and Fix-its can correct mistakes for you

Swift is a powerful, modern, and fun programming language
• Safe by design, Swift syntax and features prevent entire categories of bugs
• Fast code execution and compile time are powered by the proven LLVM compiler
• Modern language features are inspired by leading research, including:
- Closures unified with function pointers
- Tuples and multiple return values
- Structs as value types that support methods, extensions, protocols
- Powerful protocols that can extend functionality throughout your codebase
- Functional programming patterns including map and filter

Interface Builder makes it easy to design your interface without code
• Storyboards let you arrange the complete flow of screens within your app
• See your custom controls rendered live within the design canvas
• Customize your interface for different devices, screen sizes, and orientations
• StackViews make it easy to reason about the layout of each section of your interface
• Create connections from your GUI design directly to the related source code

Professional editor and debugger keep your code front and center
• Hit a few keys and Open Quickly will instantly open any file within your project
• Message bubbles show errors, warnings, and other issues right beside your code
• Data tips show a variable's value by hovering your mouse over the code
• Quick Look variables while debugging to see the actual color, bezier path, image, and more
• Third party app extensions can add new capabilities to the source editor

Test driven development is built right in
• Use the Test Navigator to add, edit, or run unit tests or user interface tests with just a click
• Test Assistant makes it easy to edit your code and related tests, side-by-side
• Create continuous integration bots using macOS Server to automatically build and test your apps
• Monitor performance and user interface test data using macOS Server to immediately spot regressions
• Analyzer travels countless code paths looking for logical errors before they become bugs

Instruments makes performance analysis beautiful
• Compare CPU, disk, memory, and OpenGL performance as graphical tracks over time
• Identify performance bottlenecks, then dive deep into the code to uncover the cause
• Monitor your app directly, or sample the entire system, with very little overhead

To test or deploy applications on an iOS device, Apple TV, or on Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID. To submit your apps to the App Store you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. Continuous integration features require a current version of macOS Server. Some features may require Internet access.

Release Notes

22/06/2017 | Version : 8.3.3 | Size : 4.2 GB
Xcode 8.3.3 includes Swift 3.1 and SDKs for iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2, and macOS Sierra 10.12

Xcode 8.3.3 adds Interface Builder support for iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

18/04/2017 | Version : 8.3.2 | Size : 4.2 GB
Xcode 8.3.2 includes Swift 3.1 and SDKs for iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2, and macOS Sierra 10.12

Xcode 8.3.2 improves performance and fixes several critical bugs, including:

• Swift projects using whole-module optimization now build faster on multi-core Macs
• Swift migrator now applies all applicable Fix-it conversions
• Fixed an issue that could prevent iOS playgrounds from supporting interactivity on non-Retina displays
• Fixed a compile failure when building valid C++ code involving a nested struct, enum, or lambda
• Fixed an issue where the debug console would not show output until a new line was printed
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

06/04/2017 | Version : 8.3.1 | Size : 4.2 GB
Xcode 8.3.1 includes Swift 3.1 and SDKs for iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2, and macOS Sierra 10.12

Xcode 8.3.1 fixes an issue that could produce app archives that were larger than necessary

New in Xcode 8.3:
• Siri support in the iOS Simulator to improve automated testing
• Improved view debugger support for iMessage apps
• Updated interface to manage signing certificates and provisioning profiles
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements


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Comments and Ratings for Xcode

Can’t resume download because: Discarding the paused download (8.3.2)
01/06/2017 14:31:49 1/5 By Guest5342
I’ve been trying to download for two days. Get to a 1% then tne network resets and I have to start all over again. I run the console and can see it downloading until the wireless drops. Since it’s a MacBook, I don’t have any option but wireless, and I can’t download xcode directly default10:42:16.020243 +0100storedownloaddsending status (Xcode): 0.360067% (2016.656921) default10:42:16.151170 +0100com.apple.CommerceKit.TransactionServiceISServiceProxy: Error from com.apple.storedownloadd - Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=4097 "connection to service named com.apple.storedownloadd" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=connection to service named com.apple.storedownloadd} default10:42:16.152538 +0100App StoreCKPurchaseController: Connection to com.apple.storedownloadd was interrupted - removing connection from pool ... default16:16:19.434321 +0100storedownloaddDownloadQueue: Found paused download that matches adamid but has different versions. Discarding the paused download and using the new download instead. [pausedDownload: <ManifestDownloadPlaceholder: 0x7f8ea9d111b0>: com.apple.dt.Xcode 8.3.2 (497799835) paused:1 failed:0 isInServerQueue:0:(null) ] [ addedDownload: <SSDownload: 0x7f8ea9d037c0>:821771079 ] Please fix this so you can resume.

installation is a joke (8.3.2)
27/05/2017 08:04:36 1/5 By Mat_ric
i have over 12GB available but the installer is insisting I need more space. How big is this! complete joke and the MacOS purgeable space is not helping things either; purge and give me space to install. come on Apple. If you want people to develop and stick with this eco system you’ve got to give them the tools to build for it

Is this thing even downloading??? (8.3.2)
14/05/2017 16:42:48 1/5 By Aka Fire!
I’ve clicked update and this spinning wheel has been going on for ages to the point I thought it might of crashed. So closed everything down and started again, also seeing that this thing is 4.51GB I thought “maybe its just gonna take a while”. So left it spinning & went to bed. Got up the next morning to check and its still spinning. WTF!!! How can I get hold of this? Has anyone else had any luck with this? This is a joke, sort it out please

Please give us a better way to update Xcode (8.3.2)
12/05/2017 07:31:39 2/5 By Django79
A single spinning wheel with no concept of if its downloading or if anythings actually happening really isnt good enough

I appreciate the effort…. (8.3.2)
10/05/2017 09:46:01 2/5 By mikin1
...to create an ever lasting impression of “progress”. However: - code highlighting tends to disappera and then the whole text has one colour only - code completion stops working and requires XCode restrat for it to start working again - it doesn’t take care of required fileds in the app info.plist that is only discovered AFTER the app is “successfully” submitted - it doesn’t convert launch images into launch story board - it doesn’t provide any quick sample code reference as to how to replace deprecated SDK to achieve the same required functionality - ….. and the list goes on…. but: - i got plenty of useless suggestions how t: - update project settings to recomended values - fix warning oh oh….. There’s one improvement though, It doesn’t seem to be crashing as the previous version was. Brilliant...

Never fix things that need fixing (8.3.1)
16/04/2017 21:20:06 1/5 By cbnewham
Besides all the complaints in the last review (which I don’t think you published), this version just crashes every 10 to 15 minutes. Why don’t you either fix XCode and make it like a standard IDE with proper windowing and other normal features, or let a 3rd party write a decent IDE with a proper UI editor. Please stop adding “features” and start fixing the bugs, at the very least!

it’s okay (8.3.1)
13/04/2017 17:24:12 4/5 By honkeysponge
it’s okay…. syntax highlighting is a bit flakey but can be addressed easily. seems slower than other IDEs...

It stinks (8.3.1)
10/04/2017 05:31:07 1/5 By Krush666
i though i would never say this but the truth is XCode is rubbish.

All right at the end of the day (8.3.1)
08/04/2017 06:49:24 2/5 By SomeOneInUK
Xcode 8.x Rendered just about every book useless. Not intuitive for people who have used earlier releases. Apple, please stop re inventing the wheel.

SIGSTOP error: C++ (8.3)
31/03/2017 13:06:36 1/5 By udunkno
Similar to Alakab123 below, After the new update I can no longer run my C++ programmes as I have been before. I receive a SIGSTOP error upon looking at my threads which does not allow for the program to finish completion. This so far only occurs during user input such as cin and getline but I’m having problems printing to screen also. I am certain this is a Xcode problem as the very same codes which worked in the past, and still do in terminal / othher IDE’s simply go wrong after the update. This has severly affected my academic performance and programming deadlines. I hope it can be fixed soon. Till then, I’ll have to use school librarys sadly.

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