Manual for the United States of America

By Clint Bagwell Consulting Price : £1.99 Plateform : Mac OS
The popular iPhone app is now available for Mac! Whether you need to cram for a History final or jus...

Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo and Juliet

By Mindconnex Learning Ltd. Price : £14.99 Plateform : Mac OS
*** This resource is provided for personal use only. It must not be used for whole-class instructio...

Thinkin' Science

By Software MacKiev Price : £13.49 Plateform : Mac OS
In Thinkin’ Science, students enter the Super Secret Science Station™ and find an amazing world of s...


By Clint Bagwell Consulting Price : Free Plateform : Mac OS
Please note: Our last update (1.1) was Nov. 20. We have no control over the App Store repeatedly not...


By Seishu Murakami Price : £14.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Audio file player program for musicians who needs to rewind and fast forward a track frequently, it ...


By Seishu Murakami Price : £19.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Multi divisions programable metronome/beat-box program, create any kind of complicated rhythms for p...


By Hunt Mountain Software Price : £6.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Diversity is a new tool for entering and inspecting ecological data, and for measuring the diversity...

NounStar Language Study - Desktop Edition

By Goruk Price : £6.99 Plateform : Mac OS
NounStar is a really fun and effective way to introduce your mind to a brand new language! ¡NounSt...

Thinkin' Things 1

By Software MacKiev Price : £18.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Our children will live and work in an Information Age that we can only begin to imagine. As they mas...

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