Sound Studio

By Felt Tip Inc. Price : £28.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Record, edit, and produce your audio with Sound Studio, an easy-to-use Mac app for recording and edi...

Hewbo Video Converter

By LI JIANYU Price : £0.79 Plateform : Mac OS
★★★★★ 75% OFF FOR TIME LIMITED ONLY ★★★★★ The most easy-to-use tool for you convert videos and aud...

FutureDecks DJ

By Xylio Info Srl Price : £17.49 Plateform : Mac OS
Also check our iPhone/iPod touch DJ mixing software (FUTURE DJ). FutureDecks DJ is an audio-video D...


By Seishu Murakami Price : £14.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Audio file player program for musicians who needs to rewind and fast forward a track frequently, it ...

360 Drum Sequencer

By David Smart Price : £5.49 Plateform : Mac OS
360 Drum Sequencer is a basic MIDI drum sequencer and features a circular layout based on the time s...


By Seishu Murakami Price : £13.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Multi divisions programable metronome/beat-box program, create any kind of complicated rhythms for p...

Audiobook Builder

By Splasm Software, Inc. Price : £4.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Audiobook Builder makes it easy to turn your audio CDs and files into audiobooks for your iPhone, iP...

Desktop Covers

By ilia Price : £0.79 Plateform : Mac OS
Desktop Covers is the Mac app that frees your iTunes album artwork by showing the currently playing ...

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