Zip View

By ilia Price : £3.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Zip View allows you to quickly view the contents of compressed ZIP (.zip), RAR (.rar) and JAR (.jar)...

Image Organizer

By GK Paloulian Price : £1.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Image Organizer is an intuitive and simple application to organize a large number of image files on ...


By Kenzo Yamaguchi Price : £1.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Minutes is a simple, colorful timer. It gently reminds you of meaningful moments, like walking your ...


By Many Tricks Price : £18.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Identify • Tag • Organize • Watch • Rotate • Crop • Trim • Edit • Merge • Resize • Convert • Integra...

Time Sink

By Many Tricks Price : £4.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Time Sink helps you track how you spend your time on your Mac. It automatically logs opened windows ...

Base - SQLite Editor

By Menial Price : £19.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Base is an application for creating, designing, editing and browsing SQLite 3 database files. It's a...


By Christopher Drum Price : £4.99 Plateform : Mac OS
*** NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAVERICKS *** filewrangler is an easy to use tool for renaming your files a...

Desktop Covers

By ilia Price : £0.79 Plateform : Mac OS
Desktop Covers is the Mac app that frees your iTunes album artwork by showing the currently playing ...


By Xeric Design, Ltd. Price : £12.99 Plateform : Mac OS
Your search for a video clip manager has ended. Cinematica manages your growing collection of video...

Date Calculator

By RSAC Software Price : £6.99 Plateform : Mac OS
The Date Calculator is a date utility for genealogists. You can enter any date and convert it betwee...

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