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Max Bupa Health Coach

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By Max Bupa (Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited)

Max Bupa Health Coach: Personal one-on-one Health Coach, for all your Health,
fitness, nutrition consultation, as part of the Max Bupa GoActive TM Plan

Health Coach
Whether your goal is to feel better, get healthier, lose weight, sleep better, or break a
bad habit, your Health Coach will help put you on your best path to success. You will
get consistent support, motivation and expertise through unlimited text chats and
scheduled calls through the app.

Health Consultation
Health Consultation is carried out by a qualified physician who will be available on
the Health Coach app to provide consultations. This is your lifestyle health
consultant who can give you a basic health consultation and 2nd opinions. It is not a
replacement for your regular Doctor and should not be consulted for any emergency
medical situations or critical health conditions.

Health Expert
Health Expert is a subject matter expert who resolves your health concerns. You can
ask your and your family’s health concerns and get answers from health experts.

Health Locker
With Health Locker, you can keep track of your and your family member’s health
records in one place that's organized and available to you online through the app.
You can get lab results, prescription history etc. directly into Health Locker and use
or share it as needed.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
Health Coach app provides you with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire
to help you better evaluate health risks and quality of life. The screening assigns you
with a health risk score and generates a comprehensive report for the Health Coach
to advise you appropriately on your health.

Karma is a philanthropic platform designed to enable you to help others as you
achieve your goals. You are rewarded with Karma points that you can use as virtual
currency to make donations towards any of the worthy causes listed on the Helath
Coach App. In lieu of this virtual donation, our partners will make a real monetary
donation towards the beneficiary.

Arena allows you to get influenced and be motivated by friends within the Max Bupa
GoActive TM network in making a lifestyle change for the better and get healthy.

Health Coach App
All features pertaining to your Max Bupa GoActive TM plan’s Health Coach Services
and features are made available to you on the Max Bupa Health Coach App.

Key features include:
Communicate with coach via chat and calls
Consult with Health Consultant and Expert
Goal and habit tracking
Track sleep, steps, active time, distance, Log meals and water intake

Manage your health and fitness data with Health Locker
Connect with any of your personal fitness tracking devices or your phone’s motion
sensor to track your activity.
Connect with Health app (Healthkit) to track your daily steps, workouts within the app and help us to coach better.

Release Notes

12/02/2018 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 152.9 MB

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Health & Fitness

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