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My Theory Test by James May

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I’m James May and this is My Theory Test app.

It’s time for a fresh approach to learning Driving Theory and using my revolutionary approach you’ll not just pass the test more easily, but you’ll also retain your knowledge for longer, making you a better and safer driver for years to come.

Benefit from My 40+ Years of Driving Experience
Using a bit of algorithmic wizardry combined with my 40+ years of driving experience, my app generates a bespoke training plan for you. All you need is a few spare minutes a day – next thing you know, you’ll be passing your car driving theory test first time round.

No More Epic Fails
Over 50% of all the driving theory tests taken last year resulted in an epic fail, meaning drivers-to-be wasted around £16 million pounds of their hard-earned cash. Don’t be one of them!

Key Features
- Daily Training Plan, Algorithmically Tailored to You
- Spaced Repetition Learning Method
- Complete 2020 DVSA Learning Materials & Hazard Perception clips
- The James May Way
- Road Signs and Braking Distances Games
- Unlimited Timed Mock Tests

Get Exclusive Videos
I’ll be on hand throughout to explain concepts and offer hints and tips based on my 40 years of driving experience. I’ll show you how many of the answers can be found using good old-fashioned common sense.

Learning Programme, Driven by Science
Benefit from spaced repetition learning: Information is repeated for you at the precise point you would normally start forgetting it. Any questions or topics you’re struggling with will be repeated to you more frequently until you’ve mastered them.

Personalised lessons based on what you still need to master
Waiting for a bus? On the bog? Having a cup of tea? It’s a no brainer. Spend just a few minutes each day practicing for your car driving theory test with a bespoke training plan based on your theory test date and our scientifically optimised learning system.

The James May Way: Common Sense Learning
If there’s a particular area of knowledge you’re struggling with, I’ll guide you through the learning materials for it myself! The app will remember any extra learning you do in this way, which means your training plan will always be up-to-date with what you do and don’t know.
- Benefit from my 40+ years of driving experience - and resulting wisdom
- Common-sense easily understood guides
- Voiceover Walkthroughs of all 34 DVSA practice clips

Complete DVSA Questions & Hazard Perception Clips
The learning material contained within the app is the latest licensed content from the DVSA. Plus, my wisdom, obviously.
- Complete DVSA 2020 Practice Theory Question Bank
- Licensed DVSA 2020 Practice Hazard Perception Clips

Get Ready With Timed Mock Tests
Take unlimited, timed driving theory mock tests - just like the real thing… only without the pressure or the 1980’s furniture.
- Unlimited, timed Mock Tests
- Build your confidence with pass after pass
- Areas needing work highlighted for easy revision

A Brilliant Accompaniment to Practical Driving Lessons
Our research suggests that most people learning their driving theory have already begun practical driving lessons. Experience common sense driving categories for the first time ever and supercharge your practical and theoretical understanding.
These include:
- Getting Going
- Motorways
- C*ck-ups
- & more!

Play Road Signs and Braking Distance Games
There’s no easy way around it: road signs and braking distances are two things you just have to learn. Thankfully, my app contains two games to make the process slightly less dull.
- Road Signs Practice Game
- Braking Distances Practice Game

Designed and built with the help of some rather clever developers from AND Digital

Start learning the James May Way today.


Release Notes

10/08/2020 | Version : 1.2.4 | Size : 410.0 MB
We've updated the app! In this version we have:
- Optimised question bank

We update My Theory Test by James May regularly so we can make sure you get the best in-app experience. We'd love to hear if you have any suggestions – just drop us an email ( & we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


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