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Squeebles Spelling Test

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By KeyStageFun (Ian Knapp)

Spelling Test by Squeebles is an app aimed at helping 5 to 11 year old children practise their spellings in a fun, motivating environment. It allows you to set up your own personalised spelling tests, as well as download from over 150 pre-recorded tests based on the UK national curriculum, containing over 1800 words.

"After evaluating many spelling apps, I was so pleasantly surprised while testing out Squeebles Spelling – it’s a winner!" - TeachersWithApps.com


Key Features (from a parent or teacher's perspective):

- Set up your own custom spelling tests containing the exact words your children need to learn, recording yourself speaking the audio of each word, or download from over 150 pre-recorded spelling tests created by us across 5 difficulty levels, in line with the UK national curriculum for key stage one and two.

- Dyslexia-friendly features including the option of Open Dyslexic font.

- Accented characters allow you to set up spelling tests for French, Spanish, German or Italian words.

- Individual statistics cover spelling test scores and show incorrect spellings so you can see what each child is struggling with.

- Print each child's previous tests and answers.

- Register unlimited children on any one device

- Share spelling tests between devices or back them up to the cloud using a free KeyStageFun account.

- Customise each child's experience with personalised settings.

- No in-app purchases, no adverts and no internet links for children to accidentally tap on.

- Parent / teacher area can be password protected.

- A motivational reward system for your children keeps them practising their spellings so they can keep earning further rewards and making progress in the game.


Key Features (from a child's perspective):

- Practise your spellings across 4 different game modes, taking specific tests set by a parent or teacher, KeyStageFun downloadable tests based on the U.K national curriculum, random tests and tricky tests.

- "Tricky Words" mode creates a spelling test containing questions you previously answered incorrectly.

- Consolidate learning by taking one-off tests that choose words randomly from all the words in the app.

- Rescue 20 Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Spelling Snake, including some designed by children who won our "Design a Squeeble" competition. Each Squeeble has its own unique personality, facts and stats.

- Every time you spell a word correctly, you earn turns on the fun "Squeeberang" mini game, where Squeebles fly as far as they can through the air on boomerang-shaped colourful flying machines.

- Collect stars to trade for Squeeberangs and power-ups to use in the Squeeberang game. The more stars you have, the better the Squeeberangs you can get.

- Earn power-ups to use in the game.

- View high scores, stats and the rewards you've won.


The app can be used by kids practising for a weekly spelling test or spelling bee, or those looking to improve vocabulary ahead of sats or the 11+ exam.

Spelling Test by Squeebles is used throughout the world by parents and teachers and has been featured by the BBC, the Guardian, the Observer and the Telegraph amongst others, as well as reaching number 1 in the Apple education charts and the top 10 of the overall Apple app charts.

From the App Store:

"By far the most productive app I have ever purchased for my 5 year old!!! I had been struggling to keep her interested and she was becoming reluctant to even look at her spellings until we had a go on this."

"A simply brilliant app, amazing design, fun and easy to use and full marks in all spelling tests since September for my eight year old."

"Happy to report that since we've been using this app over the last few weeks both children have had 10/10 on all school spelling tests!"

If you have any questions or suggestions for features, please e-mail info@keystagefun.co.uk

Release Notes

03/11/2013 | Version : 3.3 | Size : 11.1 MB
iOS7 specific updates.

25/08/2013 | Version : 3.1 | Size : 10.8 MB
Fixed word display issue.

07/04/2013 | Version : 2.1 | Size : 9.9 MB
★ Now creating personalised spelling tests for your children is even easier with the below additional features in version 2.0 - we listened to what you wanted and added the following...

For parents / teachers:

★ Passcode lock on the parents' zone.
★ Improved statistics including word by word stats for every test.
★ Easier test listing page in the parents' zone allowing viewing tests by child.
★ Hyphens (dashes) and foreign accent characters added to the keyboard.
★ Ability to copy / duplicate a whole test as a starting point for another test.
★ Allow words in any test to come out in a particular order, randomly or alphabetically.
★ Simplified menu system and navigation in the parents' zone.
★ Quick exit "Home" button allowing parents to log out without pressing "Back" lots of times.
★ Minor bug fixes.

For children:

★ 10 more Squeeberangs up to the value of 1000 stars.
★ Updated scoring system.
★ Increased interactivity for the Squeebles.

Version 2.1:

Fixed minor bug on keyboard when changing to capital letters.


Overall :
#61 : Top Paid iPad Applications
#192 : Top Paid iPhone Applications

Categories :
#26 : Top Paid iPad Applications [Education]
#34 : Top Paid iPhone Applications [Education]
#103 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Education]
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