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Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. With Threema Web, you can also use Threema from your Desktop.

Threema is designed to generate as little data on servers as possible – this is a core part of our concept. Group memberships and contact lists are managed on your device only, and never stored on our servers. Messages are immediately deleted after they have been delivered. Local files are stored encrypted on your mobile phone or tablet. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including meta data. Threema is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR).

Threema encrypts ALL your communications END-TO-END including messages, voice calls, group chats, media files and even status messages. You can rest assured that only the intended recipient can read your chats, and nobody else – not even us. Threema uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on user’s devices to prevent backdoor access or copies.

Threema is not only an encrypted and private messenger but also versatile and feature-rich.

• write text and send voice messages
• make voice calls (requires iPhone 5s / iOS 9 or above)
• share videos, pictures and locations
• send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.)
• use Threema Web to chat from your Desktop
• create groups
• conduct polls with the unique poll feature
• choose between a dark and a light theme
• quickly and silently reply with the unique agree/disagree feature
• verify the identity of a contact by scanning their personal QR code
• use Threema as anonymous instant messaging tool
• synchronize your contacts (optional)

Each Threema user receives a random Threema ID for identification. A phone number or email address is not required to use Threema. This unique feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously – no need to give up private information or to open an account.

We let users confirm trusted contacts with a QR code or a key fingerprint to prevent man in the middle attacks.

We are a 100% independent and self-financed company in the heart of Switzerland with its own servers and in-house software development. Switzerland is a country with some of the most user friendly privacy laws in the world.

For questions or problems please consult our FAQs:


Release Notes

03/07/2020 | Version : 4.5.4 | Size : 89.7 MB
• Localizations: Turkish and Basque (Spain)
• Display dialog when discarding unsent voice messages
• Multiple media files of a chat can be shared at once
• New icons added to Settings
• Display captions below image messages
• Redesign of status messages
• Increased size limit of chat exports from 100 to 300 MB
• Swipe detection for message quoting improved
• Various improvements for Threema calls, Threema Web, and VoiceOver
• Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

28/02/2020 | Version : 4.5 | Size : 79.9 MB
• iOS 13: Design theme (Dark Mode) is now set via iOS: Settings > Display & Brightness
• iOS 13: Haptic Touch replaces 3D Touch
• Swipe to quote messages
• Improved in-app notification banner
• When leaving group chats (by tapping “Leave Group” in group details), they will no longer be deleted
• Share contacts
• Speak text messages (“Speak Selection”)
• Czech localization
• Fixed a bug in relation to dictation in group chats
• Miscellaneous Threema Web improvements
• Various improvements in relation to Threema calls
• Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

14/12/2019 | Version : 4.4.3 | Size : 73.4 MB
Threema 4.4.3
• Fixed a bug when sharing live photos

Threema 4.4.2
• Increase chat-bubble contrast in dark theme
• Fixed a bug that could display an incorrect call duration
• Fix various UI glitches
• Several minor bug fixes and miscellaneous other improvements

Threema 4.4.1
• Fixed a bug that could, under certain rare conditions, occur during the database migration

Threema 4.4
• Revised user interface: Uniform color scheme, reorganized My ID tab (now called “My Profile”), streamlined settings, etc.
• Storage management: Delete all messages or media files of a certain age at once
• Refactoring of Threema Web: General stability and performance improvements
• Refactoring of Threema calls: Optimized connection buildup
• Various improvements for iOS 13
• The green stripe indicating a connection to the Threema server is no longer present; however, the red and orange stripes still indicate connection loss and connection buildup, respectively
• Proxies are now supported (HTTP CONNECT or SOCKS)
• Numerous other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes


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