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Short Description:
The FIRST and ONLY Wild West theme SLG game. You will find everything that a true Western fan expects in this Unprecedented Excitement. Come and experience FOR FREE NOW.
Do you have what it takes to be crowned in the Wild West! Build your own town, recruit your own gangs and get ready to fight against players from all over the WORLD.

America, 1865, the Civil War just ended, but another war has just begun. Countless dreamers flooded into the Frontier, massing on their heels into the West. It is the beginning of the Wild West era! In order to survive, they must Rob, Steal and Fight their way out of this ruthless land of America. Deception, Betrayal, there are NO Rules in the Wild West. Tangoing among Bandits, Gangs, Hookers, Con artist, Politicians and Entrepreneurs. In here, not only the Outlaws but also the Lawman can sell you out for a fistful of coin. Money, Women, Guns and Gangs, you can earn them all in this Wild West Game, ONLY if you have what it takes to be a true Westerner.
Fight your way out this ruthless Wild West and wrote your own History!

- Build and customize your own Town.
- Raise a massive army to strongarm your enemies!
- Command your Sheriff to lead your men to final victory.
- Recruit the most famous Cowboys or Outlaws to fight for your glory.
- Battle against millions of players worldwide.
- Join a fearless Alliance and Rally Wars against powerful rivals with allies!
- Communicate and Discuss Strategies with your friends through in-game Realtime Chat channels.
- Conduct Researches to effectively boost the Development of your City.
- Forge legendary Weapons for your Sheriff. Equip the greatest commander ever!
- Brutal bandits roaming around, defeat them to get rare equipment, materiels, resources totally for FREE!
- Participate in various events to win priceless rewards every day.


- Network connection is required.


Release Notes

30/05/2019 | Version : 1.5.0 | Size : 350.2 MB
【Powerful County & Center】
There’ll be 6 Counties and 15 Centers showing on the map. When it’s available, you can send your Troops to occupy them for great boosts!

【First Occupation Rewards】
The First Occupation Rewards are ready for the first one that conquer the State Government (used to be called Mansion), County and Center. Take it down and stand atop in the Wild West world!

【New Trading Post】
In this new building, you can exchange resources for superb items! The items will be refreshed in every 6 hours, you can even lock the items you like. Come and visit it time to time!

【Special Task for Alliance Event】
Special Task will be unlocked at the last day of Alliance Event. If your Alliance hasn’t scored enough points to achieve Goal, you can choose and complete Special Task to score points for your Alliance.

【Coordinates Sharing】
You can share any coordinates such as your ally’s or enemy’s locations, Resource Field and so on through Chat Channel. Share whenever need to achieve what you intend for.

1. Discount Shop added: You can get economical deal here. Seize the chance!
2. State Map Overview added: More convenient and fast to locate the most important position such as State Government, County & Centers on the map.
3. Blog function added: A great platform to share important news or info about Wild West.
4. New items added: Warrant& Suicide Potion will be available soon.
5. Duel for Glory activity will be available soon: Join the activity at Duel Yard and win surprise Bonus!
6. Chest Rewards activity will be available soon: One Chest Reward for free every day! Besides, recharge to unlock more Chest!

13/05/2019 | Version : 1.4.0 | Size : 340.9 MB
New update!

1. New Alliance Theme Events
* Participate in the brand new series of Alliance Theme Events to win more rewards. Coming Soon! Limited time only.

2. Solo Theme Event
* Introducing new Solo Theme Events. Win abundant rewards by simply completing various tasks.

3. Gold Bounty
* A new set of Bounty tasks which allows you to win Gold!

4. Now you can camp with your Sheriffs now!

5. New features for VIP 10 Players

09/05/2019 | Version : 1.3.0 | Size : 336.7 MB
1. Hero System: Enjoy a brand new hero system.
** Introducing the brand-new Hero System with great new buffs and skills. You can train them, promote them to unlock higher attributes and skills. Each new hero has their very specific attributes and skills which gives you the advantage in terms of Development, Production & Combat. Come and recruit them now in your new Saloon!


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Games , Entertainment , Simulation , Strategy

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