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By Shuho Chou

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Every smart developer/designer should have this app to focus on the real importing thing instead of repeating the dragging, resizing, naming, copying procedures.

Setup once and auto convert every time the source image was modified and also informed by the notification.

Export your source icon image to multiple sizes preferred by Mac/iOS app design. Every time the source icon image was modified, it’ll be converted automatically. Free your time to focus on designing a good icon instead of resizing/naming/copying again and again. It’s an extremely useful app I built to help myself to develop many apps at the same time.

Manage all your icons in one place. Sync the source image and the exported images. Easy to locate the source and exported files.

Just that easy, simple and fast.


1. Drop the source image and setup once, generate and sync the resized images with the source image.
Each source image owns it’s preference, you can modify the preference any time.

2. Running as an agent application in the status bar.
It’s ok to close the window, and it’s running in the background to monitor the source images.

3. Built-in icon resolutions for Mac and iOS.
You can also custom the resolutions you like.

4. Notification after generated the images.
Exported filename format: ($prefix)_($res)x($res)[@2x].png
Icon filename(optional): ($prefix).icns

5. Generate 1x resolution from the non-square source image.
For the non-retina devices, you can generate the 1x resolution from the @2x source image.

6. Generate .icns

More Info:

Screen shots were not updated yet, you can check the following url to see the new user interface.

Setup in 2 Steps

1. Drag & Drop your icon file.
2. Select the destination folder.
3. Done.

Tip for developers:

Setup the destination to Xcode project folder.
(ex: $(your_project)/images.xassets/Appicon.iconset/)

Once setup, every time the designer updated a newer version, the only thing you need to do is overwrite the source image.

If you and designers are using Dropbox to sync the source image(s). Designers updated the source images, Dropbox sync them, and App Icon Resizer auto converts them. Then you don't need to do anything just like me. This set me free from the repeat hell of resizing/naming/saving/coping.

Since it bothers me to repeat the same procedures again and again, lets save time for valuable real life.

Enjoy it.


Release Notes

29/07/2014 | Version : 1.7 | Size : 406.8 KB
1. Keep tracking the source image even that was renamed or moved to other folder.
2. Fixed the bug that may failed to auto convert when the source image was modified in rare cases.
3. Notify you to choose the destination folder again if unable to access the original one which may be deleted or not available.
4. Fixed the bug that failed to sort the icons list in descending order.

04/04/2014 | Version : 1.3 | Size : 2.1 MB

1. New UI
2. Always on top window that help you manage multiple app icons more easily.
3. Fixed the bug that converts the last converted icon after launched.

03/12/2013 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 2.0 MB

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Developer Tools , Utilities

Supported Devices
Mac OS

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