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The film noir stealth game. Calvino Noir is the exploratory, sneaking adventure through the 1930s European criminal underworld. Architecture meets Noir as you become unwillingly entangled in a revolutionist plot.

All acts are included.

Inspired by the futuristic dystopian visions of Deus Ex and Blade Runner. Play as a disparate group of last-chancers as they fight for the future of a city sliding slowly into the gutter. Some are broken souls, some are merely damaged - all are fighting to forge a future in an ugly world ruled by those whose hearts are cruel and dark.

Calvino Noir:

- Seven levels splits across three acts.

- Fully voiced, rich mystery plot.

- Stunning visual style inspired by classic film noir cinema.

- Explore a richly detailed and atmospheric world.

- Co-ordinate multiple unique characters with a range of skills.

- Use stealth or brute force to face those that stand in your way.


Release Notes

05/08/2016 | Version : 1.1 | Size : 154.9 MB
Fixed saving progress, and graphics issue causing black dots.

27/05/2016 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 154.9 MB


Categories :
#61 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Adventure]
#67 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Strategy]
#95 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Strategy]
#112 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Adventure]

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Games , Adventure , Strategy

Supported Devices
Mac OS

From this dev.

Calvino Noir
Calvino Noir

Price : £3.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Calvino Noir Ltd

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