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Cryptocurrency Ticker

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By Almost Good Enough (Almost Good Enough IVS)

Show your favorite crypto currencies directly in the Mac statusbar. You decide what to display and how to display it. There are 6 different ways of showing the ticker in the status bar including ways to fit even more currencies in the status bar without taking up too much space.

Support for more than 1300 currencies/coins including but not limited to:
* Bitcoin (BTC)
* Ethereum (ETH)
* Ripple (XRP)
* Litecoin (LTC)
* Ethereum Classic (ETC)
* Dash (DASH)
* Monero (XMR)
* BitShares (BTS)
* Stratis (STRAT)
* Zcash (ZEC)
* Steem (STEEM)
* Waves (WAVES)
* Golem (GNT)
* AntShares (ANS)
* Bytecoin (BCN)
* Siacoin (SC)
* Gnosis (GNO)
* Iconomi (ICN)
* Augur (REP)
* Lisk (LSK)
* Dogecoin (DOGE)
* Stellar Lumens (XLM)
* MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
* Byteball (GBYTE)
* Tether (USDT)
* Factom (FCT)
* .....

Release Notes

06/01/2018 | Version : 0.6.0 | Size : 7.4 MB
A few new features a some bug fixes:
• When you attach a secondary screen, it wasn't possible to open the settings dialog anymore. As that happens quite regularly for many people,
it turned out not to be a cool feature, but more an annoyance. Annoyance has been removed.
• Dialog that shows what's new in the version you are running. Now also tailored towards new users, that may never have opened the app before.
• When displaying prices in the ticker, you can choose a currency. The currency symbol wasn't displayed previously and could make it confusing.
Therefore a symbol has been added.
• If you choose to show the prices in BTC (Bitcoin) or SAT (Satoshi) and tracked BTC, the price for BTC will now be displayed in USD.

23/12/2017 | Version : 0.5.5 | Size : 7.4 MB
- Improved the search capability when looking for cryptocurrencies to track. It now works as you would expect... finally!
- Reduce number of digits being displayed, to optimize the space.
- Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Satoshi (SAT) are now currencies that the prices can be displayed in

18/12/2017 | Version : 0.5.4 | Size : 7.4 MB
Some people would experience a lot less distraction as the app wouldn't actually open. Even though that may increase productivity it wasn't an intended use of the app and as such the "feature" has been reverted.

Thank you so much for all the feedback that helped pinpoint this productivity feature.


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#43 : Top Free Mac Applications [Finance]

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