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By Visual Data Tools, Inc (Visual Data Tools, Inc.)

DataGraph is a combination graphing program, statistical tool, and drawing program. Use DataGraph to visually explore your data, create publication quality graphics, and as a presentation tool.

Enter or import data from huge text files or Excel spreadsheets. Use and draw mathematical expressions and descriptive statistics. Perform function fits and multivariable fits. Create histograms, box and whisker plots, and violin plots.  

Manipulate tens of millions of data values in real time, with changes done live as you vary sliders and select menu options. DataGraph has a powerful pivoting action that allows you to drill into the data and slice and dice it to explore your data.  

You will no longer need to create a graph in one program and annotate or refine it in another, like Illustrator. Do it all in DataGraph. Create publication quality graphs with ease and control every aspect of the graph or let DataGraph handle it for you.  Export as bitmaps or pdf/eps/svg vector graphics.

A free trial is available from the DataGraph web site, so it is easy to see it for yourself before you purchase.  Be sure to view the manual that is available through the Help menu, check out our YouTube channel, and ask questions by mail or on the discussion board.

DataGraph is created by the same company that made DataTank, a high end scientific application which won the Apple Design Awards in 2005 as the best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution.

Release Notes

24/03/2017 | Version : 4.2.1 | Size : 74.1 MB
4.2.1 Fixes a problem in 4.2 that could lead to issues with saving.

14/06/2016 | Version : 4.1 | Size : 70.3 MB
Main change:
• Added the ability to group global variables.
• Added a comment block to the global variables.

Changes to drawing commands
• Added offset to the Box command, can shift box plots so that you can put side by side.
• The Pivot command now allows the value column to be a text column.
• Added two mapping types to the Pivot command to group by the day of the week.
• Added an option for a rounded rectangle for the Region command.
• Fixed an issue that happened when you put a range below the grid.
• Added an option for the multivariable fit - arbitrary : log values.
• The Multivariable fit now allows you to quickly toggle if a variable is used in the fit.
• Added an option to the Pivot command to sort categories for text labels
• Changed how the Bars command works for a logarithmic axis.
• Added two new error bar styles - diamond and ellipsoid for the Plot and Points commands.
• Added a way to specify the width of a the extra axis exactly.
• Added a gear menu entry to the Plot command to create a Points or Fit command based on the data.
• Added a gear menu entry to the Points command to create a Fit command for the same x-y data.

Other changes
• Added a method to specify the separator between thousands.
• Added a new method to define a sub-header in special import - "Does not start"
• Fixed a problem with importing .mat data files.
• Fixed issues when you import an Excel document, both when you drag it and import from a single sheet.
• Added a "New Document" entry to the context menu in the Dock.
• Added a shortcut to create a map column.

Bug fixes, GUI tweaks and speed ups.

10/03/2016 | Version : 4.0 | Size : 60.7 MB
Auto-save, Full screen mode, Excel import/export. A greatly improved manual (100 pages).

Faster, a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Export to tab delimited or comma separated files.
Most drawing commands have been improved, but in particular the Pivot and Bar commands.
New columns for interpolation, mapping and lookups.
Faster import.
New global variables
New drawing commands (Pie, Region).
New sharing options.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Productivity , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices : Mac OS

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