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-- GraphicConverter 10 is now available in the Mac App Store --

This version (GraphicConverter 9) is still available for customers with MacOS 10.7 or 10.8. Because GraphicConverter 10 requires 10.9 or later.

Customers who purchased GraphicConverter 9 between January 1 and May 25, 2016 receive the upgrade to GraphicConverter 10 free of charge. Just contact our support with a proof of your purchase.

The application offers the ease-of-use, wealth of features, and staunch reliability that you have come to expect from our software.

Non-destructive image editing
A new Cocooner editing mode allows you to make modifications to the image appearance while keeping your original image data unchanged.
You can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop and rotate it, save it, and then revert the image to its original state at any time in the future or continue editing it without any loss of quality. You can also export the altered image to all of the supported formats.

Undo in Browser
In this version of GraphicConverter, most of the file and folder operations that you perform in the application’s own browser can be undone. For example, if you delete or move a file or folder accidentally, or just change your mind, you can press Command-Z or choose Undo from the Edit menu to restore it.

The application supports improvements in Multiple Displays, App Nap, and more.


Release Notes

11/05/2016 | Version : 9.7.5 | Size : 61.8 MB
New features
• added support for a new Windows 10 icon encoding method

Updated features
• translations updated
• optimized browser context menu
• added import of image from SubIFD of XIF files if the main image uses an unknown compression scheme
• old batches will automatically copied to the new storage location upon the first launch
• improved support for 10.11
• added unicode filename support to HTML catalog creation
• translations updated

11/12/2015 | Version : 9.7.3 | Size : 61.3 MB
New features
• added more metadata options for tiff export
Updated features
• added support for import of very large PNGs
• added support for command + shift + s for save as
Bug fixes
• fixed issues related to 10.11

23/09/2015 | Version : 9.7.1 | Size : 112.0 MB
New features:
• complete exif editor
• store of toolsettings
• new filter field to the bottom of the browser
• copy files mixed context menu entry
• copy files interleaved context menu entry
• new batch action "Crop to Ratio"
• new batch action "Anaglyph"
• virtual line
• conversion of left/right eye JPGs to MPOs
• display and extraction of PDF preview from pages documents
• commandline commands -slideshow and -browser
• auto enhancement batch
• sort by "index in name"
• copy XMP Create Date to EXIF Date context menu entry
• batch scale long edge virtual
• rename and move to command in the file menu for open documents
• copy IPTC title to IPTC caption context menu item
• highlight selection
• Pure Carbon filter as batch
• Swap left/right image of 3D file as batch
• Presets for new document
• min, and, or and xor mode for Merge Folder command
• batch to enable JPEG special filesize
• scaling of pdf as function of convert and modify
• import of NPO (Nokia phone format)
• import of SPE (microscope format)
• import of SWS

Updated features
• DICOM import improved
• added support for browsing Photos database
• initial browsing speed improved if slow drives are used
• optimized geotagging from GoogleEarth to a set of selected files
• added alt key click to set unskew points directly
• added images only filter to browser search command
• updated supported extensions in the info.plist
• copy/paste GPS do support position as text in addition
• reduced size of save as options for small screens
• added support for enter GPS as degree, minutes and seconds
• added delete/backspace key support to delete points from polygon selection
• Japanese, Portuguese, Czech, French, Italian and Danish translation updated
• option to disable display of Media, iPhoto and Aperture library in the browser
• improved pdf import
• added option to trash sidecar files during slideshow
• print dialog supports custom width/height in addition
• reduced application size (around 50%) due change to base localization
• enhanced multiscale options
• added support for command 1-7 in file info dialog to select tabs
• updated German localization
• browser filter show only tagged/untagged images (GPS yes/no)
• added support for a special dng variant
• added format options to multiscale dialog
• improved error handling upon disk full error
• import of tiled float grayscale TIFFs

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Photography , Graphics & Design

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Mac OS

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