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LanScan is a free, simple and efficient IPv4 network scanner that discovers all active devices on any subnet: the local one, or any public subnet that you configure.

-> Auto-detection of configured interfaces: Airport, Ethernet, Virtual interfaces ...
-> Scan the IP range you like, from 1 IP to the whole IPv4 address space!
-> Scan your local network with ARP packets
-> Scan public IP network ranges with Ping / SMB / mDNS packets
-> Display the IP address, MAC address, hostname (4 max) and vendor associated
-> Discover the SMB domain if any configured
-> Hostname resolution: DNS, mDNS (Apple devices) and SMB (Windows devices)
-> Custom hostname edition
-> Custom comment for each device
-> Export results in CSV files
-> Hide/show each column
-> Align each column as you want
-> No limitation on the number of devices found !

Comparison with the LanScan Pro edition:
-> Only 4 hostnames are fully displayed - You'll see the first 3 chars of the others

Since v4, it's preferred to buy the In-App purchase in LanScan Free edition than buying the LanScan Pro application.


Release Notes

06/08/2019 | Version : 6.2.1 | Size : 1.9 MB
* MAC address table update (+1243)

27/04/2019 | Version : 6.2.0 | Size : 1.9 MB
* MAC address database increased by 41%: now using MA-M, MA-S, IAB, CID databases
* Last interface is now saved and reused on launch
* Headers are now added on first line of exported CSV
* Toolbar changes are now saved (Icons only, Text only, Icons + Text)
* Fixed a bug where Details Pane could have a minimum size of zero and not seen by user anymore
* Updated MAC addresses vendors (+10563)

06/03/2019 | Version : 6.1.0 | Size : 1.7 MB
* Saving custom IP ranges is now possible
* New printing feature
* Fixed blurred icons


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#19 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Utilities]

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Debookee Tools
Debookee Tools

Price : Free
Platform : Mac OS
By iwaxx Sarl
LanScan Pro
LanScan Pro

Price : £5.99
Platform : Mac OS
By iwaxx Sarl

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