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Skitch - Snap. Mark up. Share.

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See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch.


People everywhere use Skitch to help them visually share their thoughts with others. Here are a few ways you can use it, too:

Mark up photos of silly, cool, or inspiring things you see and share them via social, email, SMS, and more.

Annotate photos of your backyard to plan out your vegetable garden.

Share a diagram of the earth’s layers and have students label it with you

Capture a map, mark it up, and share it with your friends to show them where you'll be.

Open a PDF and highlight changes to skip the lengthy, confusing email chains and give clear feedback.


Skitch’s PDF Markup feature requires an Evernote Premium account.

An Evernote account is required to save to Evernote. All other capturing, mark up and saving and sharing functions are free and do not require an Evernote account.


Release Notes

03/06/2019 | Version : 2.8.4 | Size : 24.3 MB
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

13/02/2019 | Version : 2.8.2 | Size : 26.0 MB
You've probably noticed that the "Add to Photos" option wasn't available from the Share options - we've added this back!
Some of you haven't been able to edit Skitch images using extensions from Photos - we've fixed this!
We've also fixed a couple of crashes that you were encountering drag and dropping heic format images and sharing via FTP/SFTP

05/01/2017 | Version : 2.8 | Size : 20.8 MB
Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements


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#55 : Top Free Mac Applications [Productivity]
#154 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Productivity]

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Productivity , Graphics & Design

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