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By Shuho Chou

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Finally, you can play/step/pause the .swf and capture the frames to resolution independent PDF pages or PNG.

The option to drop the duplicated frames to get meaningful screenshots.

Or just extracts individual images and shapes to PDF pages or PNG files.

Text was rendered as vector shapes. So, it is not selectable in the converted PDF.
If you really need selectable/searchable text, please check my another app - ORB Reader which was especially built for eBook, document and text conversion.

Use PDF as an image format

You can use the exported PDF as an image format in your apps. Here is the example to use it to get the pixel perfection on any resolution.


My girl friend asked me that she wants to keep the amazing graphics from the Flash games. She loved the designs and wants to see them anytime instead of playing games forever.

So this is the solution.

Extracts the images and vector based graphics directly from .swf file.

Create your own categories directly from .swf, pick the vector shapes you like to export to PDF/PNG easily and fast. You'll be able to see them on any devices.

Just select the shapes you want and export to a single extremely small-sized PDF file.
Now, making your own creation categories is never so easy.

Don't worry about the vector shapes became blurred images any more since all SWF shapes were converted to PDF resolution independent vector drawings.

Or you can export the selected shapes to PNG files(one shape per .png).

How to use?

1. Open the .swf.

By default, all shapes were selected.
You can also deselect the shapes you don't want.

2a. File > Save as PDF ( CMD + S )

Convert both vector shapes and bitmap images to a single PDF file from SWF.

2b. File > Export to PNG files ( CMD + E )

You can export to PNG files.
Suggest to create a new directory for multiple PNG files.

2c. Capture and stop capture and save the captured frames to PDF pages.

Key Features:

1. Extremely Small-Sized PDF.

When you export to PDF, the vector based graphics were kept in vector format instead of fat bitmaps. So they won't be blurred when scaling, and you can even provide this PDF to App developers that they can draw perfectly in any resolution.

As an App developer, I am tired of so many different sized bitmap images for different devices. That made your apps become fat and possibly blurred in different sized screens if not pixel by pixel. Resolution independent vector graphics are the only solution to deal with these issues.

2. Not embedding SWF into PDF.

This is not just embed .swf into PDF.
I parsed out both the vector and bitmaps from .swf and convert them to PDF.
You can use any PDF reader(viewer) to open the exported PDF on any platform.
You can also use the exported PDF as an images container for iOS/OS X apps.
(Just few people understand this, here is a hint: Quartz drawing is based on PDF.)

3. No Flash Plugin.

Since I wrote the swf parser from scratch, you don't need to install any Adobe products to execute this app. By PDF, you can easily show your creation on iPhone or iPad.

4. Extremely Fast.

I rendered the parsed vector shapes and images with OS X native Quartz 2D API.
It sure be much faster and no memory concerns.

5. Backup for the Future

Think of how much effort and time you paid for your creations,
they definitely deserved to be backup with the industry standard format (PDF).




Release Notes

23/11/2014 | Version : 2.1 | Size : 1.9 MB
All known geometry bugs were fixed.

1. Fixed the animation rendering bug of missing replaced sprites or objects.
2. Fixed the bug that wrong alpha transform value caused the objects invisible (although it's there but transparent).
3. Fixed the bug that export the frame to .png would step to the next frame.
4. Play/Stop/Step/Capture/Rewind with hotkeys

18/08/2014 | Version : 1.8 | Size : 659.2 KB
1. Play/Pause/Step/Rewind Flash Animation
2. Capture frames to PDF. (One frame per page)
3. Save any frame to PDF or PNG

08/12/2013 | Version : 1.2 | Size : 2.0 MB
1. Enhanced UI
2. Filename prefix by the source filename
3. Support "Open Recent”
4. Enhanced sandbox handling
5. Full screen support

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Utilities , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices
Mac OS

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