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Victory At Sea

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By Evil Twin Artworks Limited

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- Winner 2014 TIGA Games Industry Awards "Best Action/Adventure - Small Studio"

Engage in epic RTS warfare across 3 huge campaigns as well as other battle modes. Create your own fleet of ships, pick your side and enter into World War II naval combat on a global scale.

About the Game
Engage in epic Real Time Strategy warfare across the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean, this is naval warfare on a global scale.

It is World War II and the age of the dreadnoughts has passed and naval warfare is being dominated by Aircraft Carriers. Submarines hunt convoys like wolves and the numerous and nimble destroyers rule the oceans.

Destroy enemy battleships, torpedo enemy convoys and hunt the enemy wherever you may find them.

Advance through the naval ranks from a Captain of a Destroyer to an Admiral of a vast fleet. Win medals for your exploits, and help your chosen nation achieve victory in each campaign.

Plan your own strategy
In Victory At Sea your destiny is in your hands. Once in the campaign what you do next is up to you.

+ Harass enemy shipping to starve their ports of vital supplies.
+ Destroy the enemy patrols and weaken their defences.
+ Defend your friendly convoys and keep your supply lines open.
+ Lead an assault force with landing craft to capture enemy ports.
+ Go on covert operations.
+ Complete special missions.

With over 80 classes of ship and hundreds of ports there are a multitude of playing options. Will you build your fleet around the terrifying firepower of the battleships, sneak around with a submarine wolf pack or look to dominate the skies with carriers?

A combination of sandbox elements and the deadly combat of RTS naval warfare ensures a vast number of possibilities. Slow the action down or speed it up with the time slider, allowing you to command multiple ships quickly and effectively during huge battles. Weather conditions and time of day are also major factors in the game. Will it help or hamper you? Combat at night can be an intense experience.

Other combat Modes
Victory at Sea also offers the chance to experience some of World War II's most famous battles in Historical Battles or create your own custom battles from small skirmishes to epic conflicts, choosing from Axis or Allied fleets with ships from 6 playable nations to choose from.


Release Notes

15/07/2015 | Version : 1.3.1 | Size : 424.0 MB
Fixed a bug that was causing the language selection and mods menus to become disabled.

06/04/2015 | Version : 1.2 | Size : 424.0 MB
Kriegsmarine campaign

Can you change history and defeat the combined naval forces of the British Empire and its American allies?

New convoy mechanics have been added - large supply convoys from the US and the British colonies will continually reinforce the mainland unless you can intercept and sink them.

Extra submarine mechanics let you strike and withdraw all the easier by diving out of sight.

Hard and Expert campaign modes

These pit you against more numerous and higher level enemies from the get go. In addition the enemy supply lines will be more resilient to your attacks.

You'll also have to be more careful with your fleet as repairs can only be carried out by using up friendly port supplies. Similarly new ships can only be requisitioned from well supplied ports, with battlecruisers and battleships requiring a higher level, well stocked port.

Other changes:

- Added gameplay option to disable planes in night battles.
- Added gameplay option to show A/B and X/Y turret groups as separate weapons.
- Hard/Expert mode captains must purchase landing craft from the shipyard before engaging in port attacks.
- Deep dive mode added for submarines, unable to fire torpedoes but harder to detect. Submarines in deep dive can retreat from the battlefield after 30s undetected.
- Loose formations - group your ships into a loose formation, no circle/lines just a handy selection.
- Initial load of the shipyard screen should be much much faster.
- Right clicking to fire all weapons will first fire any guns in range/arc, if no guns available will fire torpedoes, if no guns or torpedos available will fire depth charges/hedgehogs.
- Ally ships not under your control are faded out on tactical view to reduce confusion.
- Added the type VII U-Boat
- AI destroyers in formation will now deviate from formation to chase subs.
- Increased chance of crits from torpedoes, slightly.
- Increased speed of AA fire.
- Some criticals were incorrectly doing too much crew damage, fixed.
- Enemy ships will now group into formations.
- Friendly AI submarines will deploy nearer the enemy
- Crippled submarines will correctly surface from deep dive and no longer start battles submerged or able to be positioned anywhere.

28/12/2014 | Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 426.4 MB
It's been almost three months since we launched and we've really been amazed with the great response we've had so far to Victory at Sea. I'd like to thank our community who have been immensely helpful with all their feedback.

Since launch one the most requested features has been to play the campaign as the Axis powers. With this update we're starting to deliver on that with the Pacific campaign for the Imperial Japanese Navy.

We've added in much-requested control over starting positions of your fleet in battles (and a much needed boost to submarines who can be positioned anywhere at the start of the battle). We've also added group orders and squadrons to help you control larger fleets easier.

Also in this update is a big change to visibility. With restricted vision range in both the campaign and the battles (particularly at night time) you'll have to be a lot more careful out there. To balance this out we've also added RADAR and spotter planes to help you track down your enemies.

This update also includes all the features from our previous balancing/bug fix patches including smoke screens, hidden submarines and torpedo spreads.


New features:

- The Imperial Japanese Navy is now playable in the campaign. Can you drive the British and American forces from the Pacific?
- Fog of War. Campaign map vision is now restricted based on night/day and whether you have radar or aircraft. Battle map vision is similarly reduced - you’ll have to find the enemy before you can sink them.
- Starting positions: Choose where your ships are placed at the start of battle.
- Squadrons: Group your units into column and circle formations, order the lead to move the entire squadron.
- Reinforcements. Picking a fight in an area crowded with enemy fleets is no longer quite so easy.
- Spotter aircraft added to appropriate ships to assist locating the enemy in battles. Spotter aircraft will also increase your fleet’s vision in the campaign map.
- The Battle of Cape Matapan and the Battle of the Java Sea are now playable historical battles.
- The US Northampton-class heavy cruiser, the Dutch Sumatra- and De Ruyter-class cruisers, and several destroyer classes have been added.

Other changes:

- Fixed an issue preventing the ending of the campaign.
- Fixed a bug causing planes to dogfight endlessly.
- Fixed a bug which could cause fleets to spawn inside the terrain.
- Planes will now adapt to their home carrier being destroyed.
- Bomber accuracy now affected by carrier captain level.
- Ships retreating in open ocean battles now have a timer (similar to out of bounds).
- The Allies can no longer trigger the end-game mission by taking only Tokyo.
- AI fleets should behave more orderly around ports.
- A few ships should have slightly more sensible prices.
- The effectiveness of torpedo belts has been increased for lighter armoured ships.
- AI will attempt to move more evasively when closing distance.
- Some Japanese aircraft will attempt a kamikaze attack if they have no other options.
- All carrier launched planes can now be recalled, not just fighters.
- Carrier launched planes can now be ordered to fly to a specific place by right clicking in the sea - after reaching their destination they'll revert to their standard behaviour for their class.
- Reduced fore/aft submarine fire arcs - Previously (when combined with the torpedo spread) submarines were able to fire nearly sideways.
- Submarine secondary guns now have a firing sound.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Entertainment , Games , Simulation , Strategy

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Victory At Sea
Victory At Sea

Price : £4.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Evil Twin Artworks Limited

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